Naked Photoshoot and Simulated Sex Atop the Great Pyramid Launches Police Inquest


One of the most impressive things built by humankind on the face of the planet, the Great Pyramid in Egypt attracts loads of tourists from all over the globe each and every year.

And not everyone is well behaved.

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Image by David McEachan

But if you’re Danish photographer Andreas Hvid, you’re particularly naughty as the Dane and his girlfriend thought it would not only be a great idea to climb up the Great Pyramid in the dead of the night, but also to simulate having sex on top of it.

Who would have thought that doing something like this, then posting it publicly, would upset people in a largely Muslim country with fairly strict, conservative values.

Narcissus be proud. (You can view a tweet of one of the offending photos here).

What proof do we have of Egypt’s conservative bent when it comes to things like this?

The police have called it a “violation of public morality.” Others have called it a pure stunt while the even more progressive among the Internet mob have pointed out that Danish photographer Andreas Hvid’s actions just demonstrate how awful security is at the Great Pyramid.

Speaking of the photographer, what does he have to say about all of this? After all, he is the one at the center of the storm.

Well, first of all, Hvid’s work features him atop buildings, sometimes nude, making the Great Pyramid piece a part of his general oeuvre. He has told the press that he and his girlfriend never engaged in any sex acts atop the Great Pyramid and that he is “saddened” by the reaction of the general public. On that note, however, Hvid also says that many Egyptians have written him in support of his photography.

What do you think? Do art and landmarks necessarily intersect or should certain areas be forbidden from this kind of thing? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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I wouldn’t doubt if they put a bounty on his head. It’s people like this that ruin it for everyone else. Now, they have reason to not let anyone go near the pyramids.

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