National Geographic Shutting Down “Your Shot” Website, Moving Format to Instagram


A fan favorite from National Geographic is closing up shop but not calling it quits – NatGeo’s “Your Shot’ is moving to Instagram.

Matt Hardy from Pexels.

Groan. According to a picture on the website for the community, all of the activities there will cease as of October 31 of this year and, after that, everything is moving over to the Instagram account. Of course, there’s a lot of speculation on the Internet as to why this is happening and a lot of fingers are being pointed Disney’s way as people rationalize that the company wants to maximize its return on investment for the recent purchase of Fox, former owner of National Geographic. PetaPixel cites a report from Variety that offers evidence for this assertion, noting that Disney laid off 70 to 80 employees associated with National Geographic.

The statement on the “Your Shot” website reads in part, “As of October 31, 2019, the current Your Shot platform will be discontinued and all engagement, assignments, and promotion of photos from our community will occur on National Geographic’s Instagram Your Shot feed…We are excited about the move to Your Shot’s Instagram, as the community on that platform is over 2 million strong. This change will enable a robust continued conversation about photos and visual storytelling before and among a large and engaged audience.”

Some users aren’t taking all of this lying down and have started a petition to get Disney to bring it back. If you’re interested, you can check out that petition by clicking here.

Did you use Your Shot? What’s your opinion of the sudden closure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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I have been a member of the Your Shot community since 2013, a vibrant, committed community that welcomed everyone seriously interested in photography. While other web sites will allow you to post photos, no other site is like Your Shot. We were, without exaggeration, a global family of like minded photographers, ranging from amateur to professional, from beginners to icons, but all commanding the same respect, all sharing ideas and supporting each other. Closing this unique platform is unbelievably short-sighted. Please sign the members’ petition. The millions of photographs that make up the Your Shot archive are a cultural resource not only for photographers, but for teachers, environmentalists, artists, educators and the public at large.

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