Nikon Adds RED to Company Portfolio Through Acquisition


Nikon added another province to its growing empire of high-end camera equipment with the company’s recent acquisition of RED, a major player in the digital cinema market.

black and silver dslr camera on white table
Black and silver dslr camera on white table. Photo by Steven Erixon

The Verge reports that specific details of the deal between the two companies weren’t disclosed and that RED president Jared Land’s simple post of a “Nikon + Red” pic to Instagram with the caption “heh heh heh…” both told us everything we needed to know while leaving out so much that would be “nice” to know. Terms of the deal aside, this definitely looks like a huge leap forward for RED and presents an intriguing move on Nikon’s part.

On that front, Nikon noted in its press release:

“Nikon's expertise in product development, exceptional reliability, and know-how in image processing, as well as optical technology and user interface along with RED’s knowledge in cinema cameras, including unique image compression technology and color science, will enable the development of distinctive products in the professional digital cinema camera market.”

“Nikon will leverage this acquisition to expand the fast-growing professional digital cinema camera market, building on both companies' business foundations and networks, promising an exciting future of product development that will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in film and video production.”

In other words, RED is going to be able to take its current market position and leverage its current strengths with Nikon’s capabilities in product development, marketing, and production as well as its vast distribution channels. As we said above, it’s a huge advance for RED and one we will watch moving forward.

Any thoughts you might have on Nikon’s acquisition of RED are welcome in the comments below.

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