No-Show Wedding Photographer Sued for $14,000


Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart.

Not only is it a high-pressure gig, but that stress is also compounded by a ton of other factors that are often outside of a photographer’s control.

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But actually showing up to the wedding is typically under a photographer’s control (barring some kind of tragic event).

That's because it's a pretty critical role in the modern wedding.

If you are the bride or the groom and your scheduled photographer doesn’t show, you can imagine that most people would be beyond angry.

Few of them actually sue the photographer, though, let alone for $USD 14,000.

But this couple did and they’re not the only people that have had an issue with this particular wedding photographer.

According to SLR Lounge, Heather Timm says that she, too, is a victim of Scott Sockett, a Wisconsin-based photographer and owner of Say I Do Wedding Services. Everything seemed legit, but apparently, it was anything but that.

Heather Timm is one of three people in the suit against Sockett which alleges, among other things, that he didn’t show up after taking a $USD 1,000 deposit for wedding photography services and even sending out a wedding video that featured a different couple.

Michelle Heck described her ordeal: “About an hour before our ceremony was starting, I was getting my makeup done and kind of texting him. Saying I was getting nervous having a feeling that he wasn’t going to come. That’s when I realized this is all a lie. He is not going to be coming.”

SLR Lounge also reports that Sockett’s Better Business Bureau review page contains some pretty interesting customer reviews, this among them: “At a minimum of 17 times over the past almost 2 years, we have been promised that the video was being sent only to not receive and be given one story after the other as to this problem or that.”

In response to these allegations, Sockett has said that the negative reviews left against him were not from actual clients, or, in his words, “For any of the women who actually had us booked, take into consideration that we have seen online that say that we didn’t show up or stuff like that. Were never actually customers or clients of ours.”

SLR Lounge also says that he has since changed the name of his company.

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