Google Glass to Get Challenger in Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT


Move over Google Glass, a new challenger to the non-existent smart glasses throne is in town: Introducing the Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT featuring a 2.4 megapixel camera.

Mainly known for their amazing lines of cameras and lenses, Japanese optics titan Olympus Corporation is making a play for Google Glass’s niche market space.

A concept that mirrors the Google Glass product in form but not entirely in execution, a device that failed in the consumer market but has since found renewed life in industrial and commercial applications, the Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT is much more modular in practice than Google Glass.

Olympus claims the EyeTrek “is the latest in enterprise solution optics, an innovative approach to a variety of business applications” with multiple innovations that will make it the “ultimate wearable tool for warehouse logistics, industrial field maintenance, and more.”

Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT allows for use with either the glasses that accompany the product or will clip onto most other safety or commercial glasses available on the market and used in industrial applications.

Image via Olympus Corporation website for Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT.

The EyeTrek will be powered by an Android operating system and will be capable of capturing photos and video in resolutions of 1992×1216 pixels and will be able to display images on the 640×400 OLED display.

Because the EyeTrek is an Android-based device, customized applications can be developed for it.

The product also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, multi-3-axis sensors (accelerometer, gyro, and magnetic field), 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, a 16-bit monaural microphone, a Micro-B USB port, a compact and lightweight (66g/2.33oz with battery) design, and a battery life of one half hour to an hour.

The EyeTrek can be controlled through an interface that uses a swipe or tap on the Touch Sensor Bar included with the glasses. An optional El-HS1 headset microphone accessory will be available for purchase to enable voice command.

Olympus will bring the EI-10 to market this month (November 2017) at a cost of $USD 1,500.

Image via Olympus Corporation website for Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT.
Image via Olympus Corporation website for Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT.

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