One Airport Loves Photographers So Much They Cut Holes in the Fence


Are you involved in any kind of “planespotting” airport photography?

You know, from taking pictures of the planes on take off and landing, among other things.

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Well, if you are, then you need to make a beeline to Jean-Lesage International Airport in Quebec and take advantage of their awesome nod to photographers in the form of holes in the fence that allow camera operators to shoot and capture without the obstruction of the fence links getting in the way.

PetaPixel reports that the portals are part of a collaboration between the airport and YQB Aviation – a Quebec-based “planespotting” organization.

Marked with an “Area Reserved for Photographers” sign, there are some 10 portals scattered around the airport.

As noted by PetaPixel and other outlets, this stance stands in stark contrast with other airports that either completely forbid planespotting or don't really go out of their way to encourage it. One TSA poster that the website cites reads “Don’t let our planes get into the wrong hands” and then depicts a photographer standing awkwardly at the gate taking pictures. It would be comical if it weren’t so real.

YQB Aviation posted on their Facebook the following about the collaboration:

“A wonderful collaboration that goes around the world!

For several years, the administrators of yqb aviation are working together with the Quebec City's Jean-Lesage International Airport to make the infrastructure of our local airport more accessible for aviation lovers in the greater Quebec region.

Last Friday, after several months of joint efforts and cordial discussions, the representatives of the Jean-Lesage International Airport of Quebec and those of yqb aviation finally presented themselves on the perimeter of yqb to identify the ten locations where the panels were to be installed. With an opening allowing local “Planespotters” To Photograph aircraft with a free view of any obstacle.

Once the first panel installed and the photographs of use carried out, we were already more than satisfied with the work accomplished and the success of this first true collaboration between our respective organizations. We knew that this action would please our community of passionate people and small families gathering around the slopes to observe the planes. So we could say; mission accomplished!”

Do you like to go planespotting? Do you enjoy this type of photography? Let us know your thoughts on the field and whether or not airports that forbid it are being a little too “paranoid” for their own good in the comments below.


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A wonderful initiative from that airport! But the honesty tells me that Bussels Airport in Belgium has gone one step further. They have specially made three stands for spotters and placed them at different locations along the runways of the airport, even with special open parking spaces for your vehicles. These vast grandstands give an exceptional view of the coming and going of the aircraft. Locations easy to find on the Brussels Int. Airport.

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