Yashica’s New Camera Is Delayed Pending Optics Upgrade


The return of Yashica to the marketplace with its new digiFilm concept might take a little longer than expected according to a post on the project’s Kickstarter page.

In a bid to up the quality of the new camera, Yashica is refining the digiFilm’s optics.

For those that may not have read our earlier articles on the project, the new digiFilm from Yashica eschews the traditional format of the older cameras for a digital camera that uses film rolls that act as different types of filters for the camera.

Yashica Y35 digiFilm from Yashica Kickstarter.

This hybrid analogue/digital system has drawn a lot of criticism but also praise from those who see the quirky nature of Yashica’s digiFilm project for what it is: A bid to bring new photographers into the fold. Let’s just hope Yashica is able to pull off something that is new and quirky while also firmly rooted in the camera’s long and storied tradition.

The cameras were supposed to start arriving in project backers’ hands this month but the delay, aside from improving the optics, also includes things such as adjusting the winder as well as other fit and finish aspects of the camera.

As The Phoblographer highlights, it is important that Yashica gets this product right since it relies so heavily on replicating an experience rather than in delivering cutting-edge technology.

Sure, the pictures taken with the Yashica digiFilm camera should be great in and of themselves but the camera isn’t expected to do things other digital cameras cannot other than in offering the different rolls of film and in simulating the analogue experience.

For some photographers, there is a lot to be said about the old motions of taking pictures, rituals that have long since disappeared with the advent of technology in many cases.

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