50 Images Of The Moon To Inspire You To Take One Giant Leap With Your Photography


So we are at 50 years since humans first set foot on the Moon. And to celebrate that epic feat, we thought we would give you 50 images of the moon that will inspire you to get the camera out and point it up!

We have a fantastic article here on Light Stalking on How To Photograph The Moon – it is worth a look if you are going to venture into capturing the brightest object in our night sky. 

Don't forget, we also have a free moon photography cheat sheet for you to download as well

For now, please enjoy these 50 wonderful images of the Moon 

Alexandre Godreau
Raechel Romero
Alex Andrews
Peter de Vink
Aron Visuals
Michael Morse
Eberhard Grossgasteiger
Johannes Plenio
Sunyu Kim
Johannes Plenio
Brett Sayles
Eberhard Grossgasteiger
samer daboul
Juhasz Imre
Hejko Stein
Анатолий Стафичук
Kohji Asakawa
Free Photos
Peter Dargatz
Hans Braxmeier
Dimitris Vetsikas
Blue moon in the night sky
Juhasz Imre
red moon
George Desipris

We hope you've enjoyed these 50 images of the moon. Don't forget our article on How To Photograph the Moon – it has all the details you'll need to get you started and then some. Grab the free cheat sheet and also take a look at our guide to Astrophotography, if you are looking to take your love for photographing celestial bodies further. 

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