Photographer Plows Through Stepmom-with-Smartphone Cam to Capture Couple’s First Kiss


If you ask most photographers to write down the most stressful situations they can think of when it comes to professional, commissioned photography, taking wedding photos probably ranks at the top or in the first five activities that provoke stress and anxiety.

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And contributing in no small way to this is the prolific use of smartphone cameras by other people and, when they happen to get in the way of the actual wedding photographer, chaos can ensue.

After all, one person is being paid to do that task while another person is merely inserting themselves into the situation. Depending on where you stand the actions of this wedding photographer are either “bold” or heroic.

Photographer Ashley Easterling wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her getting the perfect capture of the couple’s first kiss, including a step mom using a smartphone camera standing in her way. Deftly stepping in front of the smartphone photographer Ashley snaps the pictures of the couple’s first kiss as is her job.

Best of all, the whole moment was captured on video for all posterity to witness and was posted to YouTube so that we, too, can watch Ashley Easterling show us how it’s done when it comes to wedding photography.

When asked about the situation, PetaPixel quotes Easterling as saying “I politely asked several times for her to move…She popped off something smart… I told her I was the paid photographer, then she told me I wasn’t doing my job and walked right in front of me. Nope. I’m paid to do a job, and dang it… this girl is doing her job one way or the other.”

For what it matters, the bride supports the photographer and her actions in reclaiming her space and demonstrating that, yes, she’s a paid professional and she’s going to do her job.

In addition to being a bold stand, the whole incident draws attention to the all-too-common phenomenon of people usurping a photographer at a public event. Not only is this disrespectful but if the person behind the smartphone would take a moment to realize that a professional is trained to do a better job then perhaps they can have some respect and back away from the camera.

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