35 Beautiful Photographs Of Butterflies To Make Your Day


Is there anything more facinatingly beautiful than a butterfly. Capturing these ephemeral creatures is difficult but rewarding. A fun fact is that the wings of a butterfly are actually covered in tiny scales and these are responsible for reflecting light in different colors. All the more reason to get up close and photograph such special subjects. 

So to make your day, here is a gallery of 35 beautiful photographs of butterflies

Cindy Gustafson


Jimmy Chan


Leah Kelley


Ivandrei Pretorius


Quang Nguyen Vinh


Zaw Win Tun


Valeria Boltneva


Juris Freidenfelds




Frank Winkler

5 Free Guides On Macro Photography

If you want to take beautiful photographs like these, Ritesh Saini pulled together a helpful piece: 5 Free Macro Photography E-Books to Help You Master the Craft:

Here, Ritesh has chosen five fantastic and free ebooks that cover everything you need to start with macro photography.

Read what Ritesh has to say about these ebooks in the article, and I've also linked them here if you want to go straight to these great guides:

Nicole Köhler


Jondolar Schnurr










Kalle H




Martin Melicherik


Nandhu Kumar




Marian Florinel Condruz




Nandhu Kumar




Tinthia Clemant


Joseph M. Lacy


Katie Burandt


Satria Wira Bagaskara




Artem Beliaikin


David Bartus


Ray Bilcliff




Jondolar Schnurr

Further Learning:

We hope you've enjoyed this beautiful gallery of butterflies. Of course, butterflies and flowers go together like peaches and cream are synonymous with flowers and most of these images are bees on flowers – and if you love macro photography, one of the most beautiful things you can shoot in macro is flowers.

If you want to take your macro flower photography to the next level please take a look at photographer Leanne Cleavely's phenomenal guide Photographing Fabulous Flowers.

This guide takes you through gear, camera settings, natural and artificial light, composition and post-processing – everything you need to take amazing photographs of flowers.


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Angie takes care of bringing our books and guides to fruition by working with our awesome photographers, and you can get to know her better here.

Thanks Angie for posting so many beautiful images of butterflies. Enjoyed looking at them all. My wife and I have become big fans of butterflies and have recently planted a butterfly garden in hopes to see more of them here at home.


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