25 Inspiring Photographs Of Cityscapes At Night

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Taking pictures at night can be challenging especially for beginners –  you have to be really careful about settings (such as ISO and shutter speed) and you need a tripod in addition to your regular camera gear.

However, this shouldn't discourage you – night photography can stimulate your artistic expression and make you create amazing images. Even though we lose the sunlight at night, we gain countless sources of artificial light in various colors and intensity!

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Check out the following 25 images, which are superb examples of night-time urban photography!

Photo by Amar Saleem
Photo by Andrew Haimerl
Photo by Aniket Deole
Photo by Brayden Law
Photo by Csliaw
Photo by Free Photos
Photo by Mariamichelle
Photo by Dominik QN
If you are looking to take awesome cityscapes like these, then here are 6 quick tips. If you are looking for more then take a look at Jimmy McIntyre's Art of Cityscapes

  1. Use a tripod with a remote trigger
  2. Have a subject of interest to create compelling photos
  3. If the weather isn’t kind, take it to your advantage; eg. look for reflections on a rainy day.
  4. Correct horizontals and verticals during post-processing
  5. Look for interesting perspectives
  6. When shooting in harsh light conditions, make use of a polarizing filter

Grab the guide by Jimmy McIntyre on the Art of Cityscapes if you truly want to take you shooting to cities to the next level!

Photo by Yoosun Won
Photo by Free Photos
Photo by Dmitry Sytnik
Photo by HBieser
Photo by Hoover Tung
Photo by JC Gellidon
Photo by Matteo Grassi
Photo by Carlo Yuen
Photo by Carlos Paes
Photo by Sasint
Photo by Serge Kutuzov
Photo by Simon Zhu
Photo by Simon Zhu
Photo by Simon Zhu
Photo by Skeeze
Photo by Tom Chen

If you want to learn more about night-time urban and architectural photography, feel free to check out the following links!

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Further Learning:

If you want to get great training on creating amazing images like the one above you should check out Jimmy McIntyre's Art of Cityscapes.

In this course, you will…

  • Deepen your understanding and use of Luminance Masks
  • Learn how to blend vibrant light trails in seconds into your images
  • Create powerful vignettes that control the viewer’s eye
  • Create incredible reflections
  • Use Gradient Maps to add a unique mood to your images
  • Develop natural, sharp, noise-free cityscapes in Nik HDR Efex
  • Develop your understanding of Photomatix
  • Use selective color to powerfully enhance an image
  • Add lights to buildings to create more vibrancy
  • And much more…

Take a look at the Art of Cityscapes today

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