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35 Captivating Photographs Depicting The Power And Grace Of Dance

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Dance can be seen simply as a beautiful means of self-expression or as a highly disciplined art, and when practised with others it can also reinforce social connections and bond community.
Dance has been around since forever and has been evolving with time into various styles and techniques, but the power of the human body stays at its core.
Today we bring you 35 highly curated images depicting the power of dance!

Photo by Michael Afonso

Photo by Drew Graham

Photo by David Hofmann

Photo by Ardian Lumi

Photo by David Calderón

Photo by Ahmad Odeh
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Photo by ketan rajput

Photo by Alexander Popov

Photo by Roman Laschov

Photo by Zac Ong

Photo by Miguel Salgado

Photo by Joseph Gruenthal

Photo by Sergei Gavrilov

Photo by Andre Hunter

Photo by Ahmad Odeh

Photo by Michael Afonso

Photo by Pooja Chaudhary

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Photo by Ahmad Odeh

Photo by Leon Liu

Photo by Ahmad Odeh

Photo by Byron Stumman

Photo by Robert Collins

Photo by Keenan Constance

Photo by Pavan Gupta

Photo by David Hofmann

Photo by Enrico Carcasci

Photo by Diksha Arya

Photo by Irfan WidyaN

Photo by Liel Anapolsky

Photo by Enrico Carcasc

Photo by Craig Whitehead

Photo by Chris Yang

Photo by Veronica Benavides

Photo by Samuel Fyfe

Photo by Seb

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