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35 Whimsical Photographs of Flamingos

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While reading deeply every single nomination from the World Press Photo 2019, I came across one of the most fantastic photo essays I have ever seen. This project is called “Meet Bob“, an essay made by Jasper Doest, and it is entirely about Bob, a flamingo that lives among humans after being badly injured.

I wanted to make a small tribute to Bob, by gathering some fantastic images of flamingos – these amazing and whimsical birds are just so intriguing – so sit back and enjoy!

Photo by Raoul Croes
Photo by Matthew Cabret
Photo by Alejandro Contreras
Photo by Lieselot Dalle
Photo by Gwen Weustink
Photo by Marko Blaževic
Photo by Simon Matzinger
Photo by Gislane Dijkstra
Photo by Dattatreya Patra
Photo by Patrick Brinksma
Photo by Milin John
Photo by Guillaume Deguilhem
Photo by Gaetano Cessati
Photo by Ganapathy Kumar
Photo by Samuel Ridge
Photo by YiTing Shen
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Photo by AussieActive
Photo by Joel Fulgencio
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Photo by Angel Santos
Photo by Thomas Griggs
Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink
Photo by Lachlan Gowen
Photo by Msh Foto
Photo by Jeremy Avery
Photo by Ellicia

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Photo by Bruno Miranda
Photo by Jacob Brogdon
Photo by Mingjun Liu
Photo by James & Carol Lee
Photo by Ray Hennessy
Photo by Laura Picha
Photo by Ellicia
Photo by Ray Hennessy
Photo by Danielle Barnes

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