15 Photographs of Pianos That Really Tell A Story


For your delight, today we have some stunning images of pianos that embrace musicality and really successfully tell a story – be it the engineering feat of these complex instruments, or the joy experienced by those who play and listen.

Telling a story is a fundamental part of photography. Strong images can captivate our attention and can truly convey a message.

We've had pianos since the eighteenth century, and they have brought us aesthetic experiences visually and, of course, musically. They are complex machines that sound like nothing else on the planet when played by the proper hands.

Like music, successful photography transports us through sensory experience and telling a compelling story is a crucial part of that experience. 

Pianos come in varying shapes and sizes, and they all have a particular visual appeal. So, today we bring you compelling images of beautiful pianos!

photo by andrik langfield
Photo by Andrik Langfield
photo by catalin sandru
Photo by Catalin Sandru
photo by paige cody
Photo by Paige Cody
photo by josh appel
Photo by Josh Appel
photo by hal gatewood
Photo by Hal Gatewood

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photo by matthew schwartz
Photo by Matthew Schwartz
photo by oc gonzalez
Photo by OC Gonzalez
photo by ian dooley
Photo by Ian Dooley
photo by julian scagliola
Photo by Julian Scagliola
photo by alan gilbert
Photo by Alan Gilbert

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photo by christin noelle
Photo by Christin Noelle
photo by kevia tan
Photo by Kevia Tan
photo by chad z
Photo by Chad Z
photo by jon tyson
Photo by Jon Tyson
photo by fanny renaud
Photo by Fanny Renaud

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Love the idea – I’ve played the piano for over 65 years! – but I suspect some of those instruments may be electronic keyboards or organs (not pianos).

For a long while I had a desire to have a harpsichord too – but because of their wood frame, keeping them tuned all the time is a bit of a problem.

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