25 Cute Photographs Of Cuddly Red Pandas


Ok, there aren't many things cuter in this world than Red Pandas. These little creatures aren't related to those big black and white pandas, but they do feed on bamboo and you can find them lounging around during the day.

Sadly, these guys are also on the endangered species list, mainly due to loss of habitat and poaching. So most of us will only get to photograph Red Pandas in captivity. 

To help you take wonderful photographs like these – take a look at our 23 Exceptional Wildlife Photography Tutorials to get you started. It is also worth remembering that photographing our furry brethren is really the same as photographing portraits of the humans. So when thinking about a portrait of animals, it is always the eyes that need to be in sharp focus and make sure you get “up, close and personal” for some compelling portraits.

If you are looking to learn more about portraiture then take a look at our Light Stalking Portrait Photography page. This page brings together every portrait photography tutorial and tip on the site (and several other sites) that we think will round out your skills as a portrait photographer.

In the meantime, please enjoy these 25 photographs of cute and cuddly red pandas.

Alexas Fotos
Linnea Herner

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