12 Great Online Tutorials on Wildlife Photography

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Shooting wildlife can be some of the most exhilarating photographic experiences of your life, it can also be downright frustrating and boring.  Wildlife photography doesn't need to happen on a safari in Africa, you can do it in local parks and wooded areas, but there is a lot to know about approaching the area, choosing your gear, setting it up and waiting for the wildlife to come to you, then actually exposing each shot.

Winter Meal
Photo by Jan Tik

Because this specific field of photography has so much to learn, we've found 12 great online tutorials to help you with with your wildlife photography (in no particular order).

  1. Photo.net's Wildlife Photography
  2. Nigel Dennis Wildlife Photo Tips and Techniques
  3. Tutorial 9 Wildlife Photography Tips
  4. WildlifeExtra.com's Wildlife Tips
  5. Nature Focused Wildlife Photography Tips
  6. Digital Photography School's 4 Tips for Better Wildlife Photography
  7. Paul Burwell's Top Ten Wildlife Photography Tips
  8. BetterPhoto.com's How to Shoot Wildlife Photography
  9. Photo How To | How to take Wildlife Photographs
  10. Birds in Nature Photography Tutorial
  11. Wildlife and Nature Photography Hints, Tips and Tutorials
  12. Photo Naturalist

There is no one better then the other tutorial or tips guide here, they are all valuable.  Perhaps this is why we love the Internet so much; information has been set free.  Imagine the time spent in libraries, bookstores or waiting for that monthly magazine to show up to get the information, most of it outdated, to start in this niche of photography.  Moreover, the number of high quality articles and tips being generated by amateur photographers who actually shoot and aren't just paid to shoot means more information is available to those who want to learn.

Sea Otter preening itself in Morro Bay, CA  sea-otter-morro-bay_13
Photo by mikebaird

Our advice, read them all! There is never too much knowledge, take as much in as you can.  Also, if you have a favorite tutorial or have written your own, leave a link in the comments.  Feel free to share some of your wildlife photos in the comments too!


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