35 Amazing Photographs of Windmills

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Windmills have a wonderful antiquity about them, especially those old brick windmills used for grinding grains. The earliest known wind-driven wheel used to power a machine was in the first century developed by Heron of Alexandria.
These fantastic machines are still mesmerizing even to this day, so here we bring you 35 amazing photographs of old windmills – so sit back and relax! 

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody
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Photo by Jongsun Lee

Photo by Cynthia De Luna

Photo by Drew Collins

Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti

Photo by Massimiliano Donghi

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody

Photo by James Sullivan

Photo by Michal Ševčík

Photo by Chris Ouzounis

Photo by Melissa Askew

Photo by Jason Blackeye

Photo by Arda Çetin

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Photo by Sabrina Mazzeo

Photo by Paul Guillotel

Photo by Vishwas Katti

Photo by Valentina Corsetti

Photo by Vincent Versluis

Photo by Shuto Araki

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody

Photo by Carl Raw

Photo by Karsten Koehn

Photo by Mathew Schwartz

Photo by Daniel James

Photo by Kyle Glenn

Photo by Xmax88

Photo by Skitterphoto

Photo by Kordi Vahle

Photo by Kordi Vahle

Photo by Skitterphoto

Photo by Frances Coronge

Photo by Skitterphoto

Photo by Martijn Adegeest

Photo by Usagi Post

Photo by 12019

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