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Everybody loves great deals and freebies. The only problem, more often than not, is you never get to know about them in time. You don't have to worry anymore because we bring you the coolest photography deals from around the web every week. We'll also bring you some freebies that you can enjoy! Here is this week's list of deals and freebies on photography education, gear, and presets & actions. 

Photography Education

Complete HDR Training Video Course + Bonus Photoshop Course

hdr training- jimmy mcintyreFor the next 24 hours, you can get photographer Jimmy McIntyre's complete HDR video course bundle at a discount. The training includes 2+ hours of video tutorials for beginners which then takes you through advanced HDR training that also teaches you digital blending using Luminosity masks. There's also training on creating stunning HDR cityscapes. On top of all this, there's 2+ hours of video tutorials on Photoshop for beginners. Price – $99  $59 [only for 24 hours]

Shooting Intimate Landscapes

shooting intimate landscapes- rob sheppardThis course by photographer Rob Sheppard will teach you everything about photographing amazing landscape photos. With lessons on light, composition, lens type and focal lengths, the course will cover all the aspects of capturing engaging scenes, whether you are in a local park or traveling the globe. Price – $59.99  $44.99

How to Make Money Through Your Photography

going pro - kelly kingmanMany of you have probably wondered how you could make money from photography, what does it take to start getting paid? This guide will help you sell your photos. There are also interviews with pro photographers who give you tips based on their experiences. The guide covers all the aspects: photography as a service, as a product or other options like teaching, blogging and more. Price – $49.99

Photography Gear

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens

canon 50mm f1.8 nifty fiftyRarely do you come across lenses that have nicknames. This one's nicknamed ‘nifty fifty' and ‘plastic fantastic'. If you haven't tried prime lenses so far, you are missing out on a lot. Do check out our recent post on why you will love a prime lens. This lens comes at an incredible price and produces photos sharp as a knife's edge. Great for shooting portraits, and is also a nice general purpose walk-around lens. Price – $125  $123.73

Datacolor Spyder4Pro for Display Calibration

datacolor spyder proIf you've printed something but it didn't look the way it did on your computer screen, then you probably need display calibration. A properly calibrated display is important as it defines how you will see your images. To know more about color management, do check out this post. Datacolor Spyder4Pro features a full-spectrum seven-color sensor that can adapt to ambient light conditions to accurately calibrate your monitor, laptop screen, iPad or iPhone. You can use it on multiple screens. Price – $169.99  $149

Presets & Actions

Hint of Noir – Lightroom Presets

hint of noirThis set of presets from Presetify is for you if you would like to give your portrait images a touch of noir style. If you've shot your portraits under dramatic and intricate lighting, these presets can enhance the effect produced by the lighting. 11 presets to choose from, you can easily create the look you want. Price – $32

Clean Workflow – Photoshop Actions

clean workflowThese Photoshop actions focus on the necessary image adjustments that essentially make for a clean workflow, as the name of the set suggests. The 65 actions are simple and intuitive that can be easily modified and customized. Price – $50



Quick Guide to Portrait Photography

free portrait guideIf you want to improve your portraiture, Photzy has a free, quick guide available for you. The portrait guide covers: lighting, focal length of the lens (wide to zoom), focusing, framing, camera shutter speed, lens aperture, background, clothing and props. Becoming a member on Photzy gives you access to 30+ free photography guides. 

Free Textures from Jessica Drossin

free texturesThese images from Jessica Drossin can be used in post-production to create a textured look in your images. Using textures in your images can produce striking results with very little effort. If you are not sure how to do it, you should check out this post


Green Screen Photography

green screen photography udemyIn this course at Udemy, Dave Cross will teach you how to expand your creative photographic opportunities with a green screen. From setup and shooting tips to creating the composite image, the lectures will cover everything. Do check out other free courses at Udemy if you like. 


MCP Mini Fusion Photoshop Actions

mcp mini fusionWith stunning color conversions, optional tints and exposure fix layers, these free Photoshop actions let you customize your images to your taste and completely change their look. 



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