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The world of photography has produced some great work this week, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy finding the best tutorials, photography and interesting blogs.  Truly great images have been produced by some awesome photographers, and all the links listed here will take you to see them.  We really hope you enjoy perusing this list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.

Check out the Toad’s photo blog and gallery of Canadian Fine Art and Landscape Photography.


How to Photograph Your Fist Smashing Through a Wall of Water – a great video tutorial that shares some great tips, tricks and insight into this very interesting style of photography.  High drama and intrigue await those who use this technique, producing some truly one-of-a-kind images.

Loire Valley Boathouse – Stressing the Focal Point in Photography – a compelling picture is accompanied by a very informative write-up that discusses the use of focal points in photography.  Great tips, tricks and examples are brought together in the comprehensive post, sure to teach most everyone something of the subject.

14 Composition Techniques that Will Instantly Improve Your Photos – a very well written and informative article on the act of composition.  Great examples are provided with each point discussed, giving the reader strong conclusions and ideas to try in their own work.

Marketing Campaigns for Photographers – Creating a Viral Video – a different perspective on how to market yourself is expressed in this interesting article.  It includes some examples to show how to effectively utilize this technique of personal marketing.

The Marshes & Waterways at Amelia Island – slightly simplistic yet utterly captivating, this image is just amazing.  Great reflections and colors really add accent to an incredible landscape scene, which is perfectly composed and captured to share.


Learning to See (Part 4) – Tom Dinning continues his masterful series that truly results in time spent in self-reflection.  Seeing the world through the lens of other photographers can be a powerful way to view the world we live in, and can also serve to make us look at ourselves and our work in a way we hadn’t done before.  This is an absolutely profound post that is accented with a series of just incredible photographs; well worth the time to visit.

Sunset in the Dolomiti – an absolutely compelling and dramatic shot overlooking a gorgeous landscape as the sun sets.  David Pasztor captures and delivers a scene with just incredible light, shadows and tones that really help bring the details to life.

Eastside Abstracts, and Yosemite Valley Color – as fall truly sets in the colors are exquisite.  Making for the perfect subject for Michael Frye, he combines the stunning colors with great reflections to create a wonderful series of images.

Back Home – a well lit tree with an incredible mountain landscape backdrop provides the perfect setting for this incredible image, straight from the studio of Guy Tal.  This picture is absolutely breathtaking, sure to amaze everyone who visits.

Back to Death Valley National Park – master landscape photographer Jim Goldstein sets the stage for a set of upcoming shot from Death Valley Park.  The pictures posted here are an amazing view of this iconic park and are full of wonderful details to enjoy.

Autumn forest and slickrock wall, Zion National Park, Utah 2011 – Mother Nature has the best paint palette, and when she uses it to decorate the place in the fall, the results can be beyond words.  These images by William Neill are wonderful examples of how vibrant and rich the colors during this season can be, if even only for a short period of time.

Welcome Home – one of the benefits of being a photographer can be in the ability to find and document things that are beyond words to describe.  Irony and humor can be strong elements in a picture, and Scott Wyden shares a great picture and accompanies it with some fabulous writing that truly paints an entire picture.  Absolutely wonderful.

Zoom Zoom – in camera techniques can truly produce the most incredible results.  In this post, Edith Levy shares 2 images she captured zooming the lens while the shutter was open, creating a truly strong sense of motion and producing a pair of really incredible photographs.

Arboretum Eve – Jay Taylor captures and shares a truly captivating picture, with great colors and details.  This photograph of a beautiful and serene setting is sure to delight and bring a sense of peace to all who take the time to visit.

Subway, Toronto – candid photography has the ability to share with us all a bit of the human condition.  This incredible photograph from the studio of Ren Bostelaar shares a scene captured in a subway, capturing and delivering great leading lines and tones that help to create an overall picture that is totally captivating.

In Traffic Again – my mom used to always tell me not to play in traffic, unless she was mad at me.  If we always listened to our moms, we’d never have great photographs like the one posted here by Erik Kerstenbeck.  Fluid motion is punctuated by the moving lights captured here, creating a picture that is really mesmerizing.

I Found Darth Vader – Len Saltiel captures and shares a great photograph of one of our local icons.  Taken in the city that we live in, this chap is well known to all.  This is a great composition of this dark overlord that is sure to delight everyone.

More Like Summer – beautiful tones and shadows converge in this breathtaking photo from the studio of Jim Denham.  This pastoral scene is full of serenity and interest, producing an absolutely stellar photograph.

Fall Color 2011 – a wonderful collection of fall photographs straight from the studio of Chris Frailey.  Gorgeous colors and abstracts are naturally evident in this stunning series, a great set that is well worth the time to view.

In The Doorway – an iconic shot of a train at rest, as captured and shared by Jimi Jones.  Wonderful details are accented by a fabulous light flare, producing a truly compelling photograph.  Trains make for great photographic subjects, and this picture is a prime example of such.

Great Blue Heron – a truly wonderful and detailed photograph of a wonderful blue heron in it’s natural habitat, straight from the lens of the talented Jay Taylor.  This local bird is a bit of a superstar in the Pacific Northwest and provides a perfect subject for shooting wildlife photography.

Subtlety – a great image by Mark Garbowski showcases a wonderful piece of art.  The incredible composition employed also delivers an extra layer of interest to the picture with the reflection in the polished marble walls, the serve to accent the natural lines captured in the frame.

The Ghost In The Machine – a wonderful play on words is the theme in this post when taken in conjunction with the incredible photograph that accompanies it.  A subtle piece, on so many levels, this post from the studio of Erik Kerstenbeck will leave you with as many questions left as were answered.

Sunset Windows – in this set we take in a unique theme of light reflecting off the windows in buildings.  This series is absolutely amazing and each piece can truly stand on it’s own.  This entire series was taken here in the city we live in, and gives the viewer a different vantage.

Children of the Candy Corn – a whimsical and compelling photograph, using wire based art, is the basis for this post.  Terry Border shares a great image with everyone, well staged and composed and well worth the time to visit.

Cat Paradise – an absolutely delightful post and series of images of a beautiful cat.  Great pet photography can be a challenging process to achieve well, and this set is a great example of this.

Halloween – a creepy image by Mark Garbowski taken in a graveyard using infrared techniques really delivers a strong sense of the spooktacular.  The tones as delivered with this technique are absolutely sympathetic to the subject at hand, and this image is sure to delight everyone…  and make your skin crawl.

The Upper Room – really great lines and elements converge in this scene to produce a truly striking photograph from the studio of Jay Taylor.  Great details and tones are highly evident in this picture, producing an image that is sure to captivate all who view.

Dark Corridor – a stunning black and white photograph that produces a silhouette that is absolutely compelling.  Olivier Baron creates and delivers a shot that is sure to leave the viewer with a series of unanswered questions and a sense of wonder.

Waiting In The Dark – Aaron Barlow shares a picture of a creepy, creepy spider.  Exquisite lighting and shadows merge in this image to share a scene that is guaranteed to both make your skin crawl and leave you yearning for more.

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park – a truly breathtaking reflection awaits those who visit this picture.  Jeff Clow masterfully captures and shares an exquisite landscape scene, guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone.

Double Take – Jason Hines shares a reflection that is just astonishing.  A peek-a-boo look of the top of the mountain range is presented in the reflection in the foreground, creating a truly compelling and amazing image.

Parthenon Reflected – stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this incredible image!  Jim Nix captures incredible textures, details and tones in this breathtaking landscape shot, well worth the time for a view!

Red Ruler – lines and details are the strong elements that one will find in this gem of a photograph from the studio of Steve Beal.  Steve has found absolutely perfect composition in the context of this great school room subject.

The Walrus – Andy Gimino delivers a long exposure image taken shore-side that is sure to leave the viewer with as many questions as answers.  Great framing and processing bring the drama in the sky out fully, adding a huge layer of interest to a slightly abstract photograph.

Hard Frost – a stunning black and white photograph from the studio of Tim McMurdo showcases the wonder and beauty that Mother Nature produces, even as the seasons change.  Exquisite depth of focus is employed in this photograph, really making the subject pop.

Vivan Los Muertos – if you’re still in the Halloween spirit, you will LOVE this set of images posted by Renee Stewart Jackson!  A great series sure to creep out and delight everyone who views it!

Enterprise – a stunning image from the studio of Bob Lussier showcases the commanding Space Shuttle Enterprise as it sits in it’s home, the Air and Space Museum in DC.  Wonderful lighting and tones really bring this incredible subject to life, and Bob delivers a very strong photograph that is sure to delight the fan of anything airborne.

A Few Stylized Shots from Bunny Island – an interesting set of images, each done with a different post processing style, really brings life to this part of the world.  Jeffrey Friedl shares these wonderful photographs with us and adds a few anecdotal comments to the methods used in creation that are really a joy to spend time with.

Then and Now – indeed; when images speak louder than words is the byline in this post from Guy Tal.  A poignant set of images that showcases a wonderful landscape terrain with the contrast of how people abuse and neglect our natural resources.

Saturday Shout Out – absolutely guaranteed to take your breath away, this is an incredible landscape shot of a powerful waterfall as captured and shared by Ryan Dyar.  Ian Plant showcases the work of Ryan in this post, and we are the lucky recipients of this sharing.

Badwater Sunset, Death Valley National Park – another shot from master landscape photographer Jim Goldstein shares a vantage of the park as the sun sets.  Absolutely incredible colors and details await the viewer in this shot, with incredible natural textures and lines to entrance everyone who visits.

On Going Off Axis – one of my favorite photographers, Brian Matiash, posts a great shot of the front of a classic truck.  Accompanying this just incredible photograph are some words of wisdom…  most definitely worth the time for all to see.

An Autumn Walk in Grange Park – this weeks list contains a few autumn scenes as the leaves begin to change color and create a truly stunning setting for photographers.  This is an absolutely amazing scene of Grange Park with awesome colors all punctuated by a gorgeous sunburst as it peeks through the trees.

Before and After – what an awesome post from the studio of Bob Lussier as he shares two images; one is taken during construction and one is taken after completion.  A very cool method of display is employed in this post, allowing the viewer to grab a slider control and move it back and forth to show the before and after posts on top of each other.  Great photography at work here, well worth the time to visit.

Piece Work – Jimi Jones shares a set of images captured in a museum, showing items and tools used in the early canning process of food items.  Jimi has processed these shots in both color and black and white to deliver two totally different feels to the same scenes.

Smithfields – Fish Market – incredible tones and details emerge in this exquisite photograph by Mark Blundell as he takes us deep into an abandoned meat storage and packing facility.  Mark is a leader in HDR UrBex photography and one look at this awesome image will show why.

Evening Graze – a wonderful, wonderful photograph from Curt Fleenor delivers a picture of a horse grazing in a field.  Surrounded by great colors from the autumn leaves and framed by a beautiful old fence, this is a great picture.

Kensington Market – an absolutely top drawer series of photographs taken at an iconic location in downtown Toronto.  Edith Levy carefully composed and processed this awesome set, each image is full of wonderful tones, details and textures to enjoy!

Untitled by ishaip, on Flickr

Stop Staring at Me – the eyes have it here!  OK, not my best attempt at humor, but we’ve got a truly stunning shot here from Steven Perlmutter that showcases a dock at Martha’s Vineyard.  Incredible colors in the sky as the sun begins to rise coupled with just incredible reflections in the water converge to create a truly beautiful image.

Seattle Cityscape – the gorgeous Pacific Northwest is home to the city of Seattle, and Jay Taylor captures an exquisite shot of the skyline from Elliott Bay.  Great details in the buildings in this photograph really accent the incredible architecture and scale of the city, sure to delight and amaze everyone who views it.

The Sunken Stone Garden – an incredible set of images captured in Seoul, Korea shows a view of a special garden designed and implemented in the city centre.  Various viewpoints and perspectives are all used in the creation of this series, producing a set of photographs that are truly amazing.

The Truck Broke – another wonderful example of how a single picture can parlay a million words to the viewer.  This great photograph from Simon Garnier leaves the visitor with many questions left unanswered, yet is a complete vision as seen and shared.

Postcards from Oaxaca – a truly incredible series of photographs from the master photographer David duChemin shares some postcard images taken in Mexico.  Exquisite lighting and details await the viewer in this post, well worth the time to visit.

Stream Crossing – natural lines produced in nature merge with a fast moving stream and the strong sense of motion that comes with it in this wonderful photograph.  Great colors and details are brought to life through the lens of Curt Fleenor in this beautiful image.

Learning the Fundamentals – humor and whimsy are truly the deliverables in this wonderful blog post from the studio of Chris Nitz.  A master photographer in the art of capturing poignant moments by using Lego’s as props, Chris really creates something that is sure to amaze everyone and make you laugh.

The Hughes – master storm chaser Mike Olbinski also happens to be a top drawer portrait photographer.  This family photo session is just so very good, it needed to be part of this weeks list.  Each and every picture here is full of spirit and character, and is guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone.

Where The Tracks Lead – slightly dark and a touch melancholy, this picture is absolutely amazing.  Jacob Lucas delivers a truly compelling shot in this post, sure to leave everyone with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Sinclair Gas Station Part 2 – a wonderful find in the most interesting of places!!  Tom Barnett captures and shares a series of really wonderful photographs, all of a vintage and immaculately restored and maintained garage complete with a 10 cent Coke dispenser and all sorts of period correct artifacts.  A true gem.

Lemur Perched – who doesn’t love a cute little Lemur?  The only thing better than that is one that’s perched!  This fabulous photograph gives us a view of one in such a pose and is a truly incredible shot.

Landing Gear Down – if you love wildlife photography half as much as I do, you will be absolutely amazed at this capture from the studio of Kerri Farley.  This Monarch butterfly is on approach, with clearance from the tower; a perfectly composed and captured shot of something you just don’t get a chance to typically see.

Pitter Patter – a wonderful, wonderful photograph of a little dog as he joyously makes his way on his current journey.  Helene Kobelnyk captures and shares an image so cute, it’s guaranteed to tug at your heart-strings!


Have you heard of a Hoodoo? – a truly wonderful set of photographs showcasing the natural Hoodoo’s in their element.  Great colors and details are evident in all the pictures posted here, and are sure to amaze all who visit.

Mega Time Lapse Video Of Burning Man – if this high quality time lapse video doesn’t leave your jaw absolutely on the floor, you’d best check for a pulse.  The annual Burning Man festival is the source of incredible imagery and this video really brings home the feeling of what it must be like to be there.  Full of imagery that will surely leave you wondering if it was captured on our planet, this video is absolutely guaranteed to amaze and delight.

Take a Listen – a double bonus in this post from Jim Denham delivers a truly dramatic and compelling photograph, as well as a great list of links that deliver some great podcasts pertaining to the wide world of photography.  The drama of the attached photo with the leading lines of the dock and the mist that hangs over the water make for a perfect companion to this blog post.

Now That’s A Funky Camera – a great piece that discusses the history and usage of tilt-shift lenses in the field of photography.  Wonderful examples of pictures produced with this lens and technique pepper the article, adding some really great context to the subject matter at hand.

Casting by StephEvaPhoto, on Flickr

Halloween 2011, AKELstudio & friends – being a huge photography fan, I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween then doing up a full studio shoot of revellers all dressed up!  Alex Koloskov shares a really wonderful series of costume wearing folks all done up for the season.

Morning on Kellogg – HDR Collaboration – another group HDR collaboration project from some of the most talented HDR photographers of our generation are at it once again.  This time they work on a wonderful image from Jim Denham that showcases a lovely landscape scene in St. Paul, MN.  Each artist starts with the same set of brackets and produces their own unique perspective of the end result, each with incredible results.

iPad CF & SD Card Readers – a long awaited accessory for the iPad is now here.  You can now easily move your images from your memory card to your iPad device without an intermediary of a PC needed.

An Introduction to Large Format Photography – a truly great article describing how and why large format photography was and is still being used.  A fascinating read, sure to engage anyone interested in photography.

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