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This weeks collection of links was carefully curated by Toad Hollow Photography to share some of the best features in the world of photography found online this week.  This weeks edition features a terrific set of tutorials, special features, great photography and an interesting blog post to check out.  We really hope you enjoy these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

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What is Reciprocal Rule in Photography? – this article covers a basic principle that greatly helps in creating sharp photographs when shot hand-held.  The core concept behind the reciprocal rule is discussed in a way that is easy to understand for everyone, and a set of diagrams helps illustrate the key points in the article.

A Lighting Build for a Boxer – Joe McNally shares a fairly detailed overview of a specific lighting setup for a session, this time focusing on a dramatic boxer.  Each step is shared in the article with style and wit, and each point is punctuated with a sample photograph to visually show you how the layering comes together and the effects the individual bits have on the overall image.

5 Lighting Setups For Shooting in Direct Sunlight – shooting under open sunlight can create challenges for those attempting to capture great portraits.  This brief article discusses four different approaches to lighting modifiers, each creating a unique result using a limited amount of equipment.  It also discusses shooting under direct sunlight, revealing some great tips on how best to face your subject for the most flattering results.

Close-up Nature Photography: Tips on Hand-held vs. Tripod – this terrific article is crafted by our very own Sheen Watkins here on Light Stalking.  In this post she shares some great tips and tricks on how to best capture photographs when shooting handheld versus using a tripod when outdoors.  This article is sure to expand your horizons, shedding some light on techniques that produce simply wonderful results.

Demystifying High-Speed Sync – this is an awesome article that discusses the idiosyncrasies of using High-Speed Sync in strobe based photography, covering all the details and theories behind how it works and the effects it has on the finest product.  Sample photos are included throughout the article to really drive home the points being covered.

Useful Equipment for Landscape Photography – this comprehensive and concise guide comes to us from Alex Wise, covering the complete subject in a detailed piece full of tips and tricks that are sure to help everyone shooting landscapes take their work to that next level.  In this post Alex covers all aspects of what is needed to create stunning imagery using natural landscapes as a subject, and his thoughtful approach to creating the article results in delivering what could be considered the ultimate guide in a quick read.

Start to Finish Fashion Editorial Retouching: Part 2 – this video tutorial delivers an in-depth look at steps used in post-production for a fashion photo shoot.  At the bottom of the article the first part is embedded in this post to give you over 40 minutes of detailed video instruction on how the pro’s do what they do.

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Whats the Best Exposure Method? – Joe Farace shares a brief, but very informative, article discussing methods to assessing proper exposure in a scene.  Joe’s tips are all rooted in years of experience and in this post he shares several concepts and methods to help you get exposure settings just right.

5 DIY Lighting Setups You Can Make At Home – this fun video segment is just over 10 minutes in length, yet it gives you tons of great ideas on how to make light modifiers at home with basic items.  The hosts of the video present the concepts in such a way as to make this a really fun exercise that can truly teach you a lot about lighting techniques.

Bring Your Lighting Game To The Next Level: The Power Of Shaping Hard Light – an advanced light management technique that creates a distinct window light effect is covered in good depth in this 6 minute video presentation.  Even if you don’t have all the equipment and gear that Shane Hurlbut has available, the concepts covered here can teach you some great ideas.

5 Simple Ways to Become a Better Photographer – a terrific 5 point piece that shares some basic ideas on how to expand your photographic horizons.  Each of the points covered in this article may be common sense in nature, but when practiced as a whole can really help you achieve your personal goals in the industry.


A First Look at Affinity Photo Beta – with so many options out there in terms of tools to help you with post-production, it’s sometimes challenging to navigate those choices to find the best option for you.  A new tool has emerged recently called Affinity, and in this great article posted right here on Light Stalking by our own Jason Row we get a fairly detailed look at the current beta offering.


Below – world-renowned photographer David duChemin has arrived on Vancouver Island, and in this inaugural post from this part of the world he brings us along as he explores the underwater world of the ocean that encircles us.  David comes away with some truly amazing photographs of an alien world, and he shares insights and thoughts into his adventure adding a terrific layer of interest to the images posted.

A Photoshoot In Russia. In The Snow. With A 650kg Grizzly Bear – a terrific example of how the application of photography can bring a wider awareness to a cause through the sharing of incredible imagery.  This post features a model in the Russian wilderness with a huge (and tamed) Grizzly Bear as a companion, delivering an amazing set of images and emphasizing the harmony between man and creature.

Lindsay Adler: Bending the Line Between Fashion and Fine Art – some of the very best people working in the field of photography today aren’t afraid to express themselves and step outside the boundaries of what is widely considered to be standard.  In this great interview, we get some insight into the work of Lindsay Adler, a renowned fashion photographer who creates her work using strong artistic elements.

Dark Tourism – Ukraine Chernobyl – April 2015 Visit – I find myself forever drawn into the haunting images that come from photographers who visit this abandoned city after one of the world’s largest nuclear accidents in history in Chernobyl.  In this epic post, Rebecca Litchfield makes her way into the exclusion zone of the forgotten city, coming away with a jaw-dropping series of images of what remains behind.

Photos of Abandoned Places Found in New York City – this is a mesmerizing and truly amazing collection of photographs featuring a wide variety of now long-forgotten and abandoned locations in NY.  This set of photos includes selections from defunct mental institutions, to once-famous landmarks, to a rusting hull of a forlorn submarine that didn’t quite make its intended goals.

Warriors over the Wasatch – Thunderbirds Airshow June 28, 2014 – Part 2 of 3 – for those, like me, who don’t get much of a chance to see airshows like this up close and personal, photo stories like this one posted by Howard Jackman are most definitely the next best thing.  This incredible set of photographs features planes both old and new in vintage, and it features them parked and in flight.  This is an awesome post for those who love avionics, sure to fire up your afterburners!



Le Mont Saint Michel – medieval castles are terrific photography subjects, exuding raw drama from the stone walls and architectural details, and imposing a striking subject against the landscape that surround it.  This is a wonderful example of such an image, captured and shared here by Antonio José DA SILVA GAUDENCIO.

An awesome sunset in Copenhagen – Jim Nix visits the world-famous city of Copenhagen and comes away with an amazing set of photographs.  This post features a selection of shots from his visit, focusing on the amazing architecture and character of the city as captured late in the day as the sun sets.

Sakrisøy Dusk – a frozen vista cradles a small community in the rugged mountains that surround it, creating a great study of life in the Lofoten Islands in Norway.  The wonderful little homes that dot the shoreline are somewhat uniform in presentation, showcasing the inherent beauty found in this magical part of the world.

Elephant Family – Baroness Danuté shares a great panoramic format shot featuring a large family of elephants on the move across the rugged landscape.  This shot is highly detailed, with great textures, immersing the viewer into a world not often seen by many.

Eye of Kermit – an amazing formation of rocks creates a cave-like setting for Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim to visit and photograph.  The natural light bounces off the rock face, casting delicate hues throughout and highlighting the tones of the waters that creates a gentle color reflector in the scene.

Loneliness is a killer b&w – Art Hakker Photography shares a stunning study of light and shadow in this black-and-white shot captured inside an abandoned building.  A lone chair sitting in the heart of the frame adds perfect artistic tension to the drama found in the shadow-play of light coming in from a window.

Burrowing Owlet – a tiny feathered friend stares back at Hisham Atallah’s camera with an almost surprised look on it’s face.  The terrific details in the shot do a perfect job of sharing a glimpse into the wonderful personality and character of the very cute little bird.

A Beautiful Vintage Car – the only thing better than a great image of a vintage car is three!  In this post from Jimi Jones, a fellow car enthusiast with a camera, we get to enjoy a lovely shot of what looks to be a Ford processed three different ways creating three distinctly different pictures that are all sympathetically representative of the car itself.

ANOTHER OSAKA – Azul Obscura delivers a stunning nighttime piece that features the bustling city of Osaka in Japan at night.  Taken from a high perspective, the city’s heartbeat beats below in vibrant colors and terrific details in the dramatic architecture.

Detours and Delights – sometimes plans need to change due to nature’s fickle finger as evidenced by this wonderful photograph from Laurie MacBride.  On a day where a low and grey cloud cover obscured views that were in the plans to take in, Laurie finds a seascape scene that is quintessentially west coast, complete with a wonderful mirror reflection to accent the dramatic silhouettes.

Mesa Arch at Sunrise – the often-photographed rock formation known as the Mesa Arch is captured at sunrise in this breathtaking shot.  Jhagroo Photography captures it at it’s best, featuring the beautiful colors of a new day as they gently highlight the overall scene to create a wonderful feel.

dawn on the coast – Long Beach and the tiny hamlet of Tofino are world-renown for their epic natural beauty, and in this post Frank King and his wife visit the area and come away with this gorgeous photo.  The early morning light casts a wonderful tone across the frame here, accenting the natural beauty of the area and showcasing the best it has to offer.

First Light – beautiful colors in the early morning work in harmony with the dramatic leading lines of an incredible bridge to deliver a picture that is truly mesmerizing to take in.  Ricardo Mateus uses the lines of the bridge to create dramatic leading lines to guide you into and through the frame.

Old Town Fairfax Antique Car Show – this terrific set of images comes to us from Mark Summerfield, sharing peeks at a group of classic cars on display at a local show.  The terrific character of these old vehicles really comes to life in Mark’s work, making for a must-see post for car photography enthusiasts.

Who are you looking at? – a wonderful photograph of a wild Kestrel staring back intently at the camera.  Austin Thomas’ shot was captured using a very shallow depth-of-focus which adds a terrific element of isolating this incredible bird from its backdrop, and as such delivers a truly compelling shot.

American Icons – absolutely stunning details grace our screens in this photograph by Jay Taylor that features a Bald Eagle in flight.  Jay’s shallow depth-of-focus does a terrific job of isolating the grand bird from its backdrop, making it literally pop right out of the frame.

Paris is Love… – the simply amazing city of Paris comes to life on our screens in this breathtaking image by Iurie Belegurschi.  This shot was captured with the sun just above the horizon, and the wonderful sunburst and resulting colors play against the terrific architectural details of the city below, with the Eiffel Tower forming a perfect anchor to the entire picture.

Bryce Canyon – Inspiration Point – I’ve visited this spot before myself as a young boy travelling with my parents on vacation and it left an indelible mark on me that I will never forget.  Wayne Beauregard captures this stunning shot that really rewards the viewer as you spend time taking in all the fine details, culminating with a strong realization that the scale of this place is larger than your imagination.

Lighthouse Drama – Len Saltiel shares a terrific and dramatic image in his blog in this post that features a romantic lighthouse on the east coast of the US.  The dynamic feel of the clouds above accents the composition, creating a strong image that will please fans of lighthouses.

A Boston Sunset – Edith Levy visits Boston and comes away with a terrific cityscape shot captured at the city’s well known Fan Pier looking back.  The incredible and dramatic architecture of the city is perfectly captured here, highlighted by the lights of a place that is just as lively at evening as it is during daylight.

The Church on the Island | Foggy morning | Eternity – this trio of links takes us to a place I can hardly seem to get enough of in terms of photography.  Rolando Felizola, Stane Vidmar and Uroš Demšar share their artistic interpretations of the church on the island on Lake Bled in Slovenia, a truly magical and mystical looking place that seems to be frozen in time.  This site dates back to the mid 1600’s when the church was first built and is a hugely popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Walking Together | Pure pleasure – both of these shots were taken near the same location in the high Arctic, and they both feature beautiful polar bears in their natural habitat.  The first shot by Roie Galitz features a family of bears making their way across the frozen tundra, and the second shot by Kim Abel features a lone bear in absolute heaven as it rolls around on the frigid ground presumably cleaning itself after a rather delightful meal.

Muddy Elephants in Serengeti National Park – for those who appreciate wildlife photographs of animals in their typical surroundings, this post by Anne McKinnell takes us to Africa where we get to watch a herd of elephants drinking at a watering hole.  This series of photos features these massive creatures all covered in mud, thus making them appear to be brown in color.  Each shot shares a little of the spirit and personality these large creatures exhibit.

Solaire – the undulating sand dunes of Death Valley create the perfect canvas for nature to paint a wonderful abstract in this capture by Alex Noriega.  Layer upon layer of dunes lead the viewer through the frame as shadows and light intermingle in this piece that can best be described as mesmerizing.

One Last Recital – this awesome shot by Michael Criswell takes us inside the auditorium at the abandoned Larimer School in Pittsburgh PA where Mike grabs a shot of decaying and literally falling apart pianos.  The one in this shot that is the primary subject is full of texture and detail, all created by the mighty hands of time as the natural effects of neglect and decay inevitably take over.

Dubai Marina – this is one of the most striking vertical panorama’s I have seen to-date, featuring the vibrant and colorful city and marina of Dubai far below, punctuated with the distinctly dramatic architecture that comprises the character of the city.  Daniel Cheong’s use of a tilt-shift lens in creating this photograph lends itself to straight verticals that make the picture a joy to view at the same time it delivers a technically terrific shot.

Capa Hotel and Bathhouse, Jones County, SD – a great shot straight from the studio of Andrew Moore shares a glimpse of a long dilapidated building that appears to be nearing the end of its ability to stand.  The great light accenting the face of the building in the shot adds to the overall drama of the picture, creating the perfect finishing touch for a study of weathering and decay.

Road to paradise – a terrific shot by Benjamin gs that features a strong leading line in the form of a ribbon of highway that gently guides the viewer right into the heart of the frame on a voyage of discovery.  The roadway results in a near perfect vanishing point, highlighting the beautiful and dramatic mountains that stand beautiful and tall in the far distance.

Lion on the Hill – this photograph by Baroness Danuté delivers a frozen moment in time as a female lion lying prone on the crest of a hill looks back towards the lens and roars.  The wonderful details in the lion serve to accent the artistic tension and the cold fingers that run down your spine as you stare back at one of nature’s fiercest creatures.

Gudvangen… – a man stands on the edge of a wooden dock looking out over an epic natural landscape in Norway in this great photograph from Krzysztof Browko.  The dramatic beauty of the natural vista works in perfect harmony with the subtle artistic tension found in the man who is staring out into eternal beauty.

Angry – if you love the raw drama found in great storm photography, this is a shot you won’t want to miss in this weeks list.  World renowned storm chaser Mike Olbinski captures a great close-up shot of a massive storm cell in action in this piece, showcasing the power and fury of such a storm, and revealing the utter fascination of nature unleashing all it’s got upon the earth below.

Glowing Towers – another great shot taken from a high perspective showcasing the amazing city and architecture of the city of Dubai, this shot taken and shared here by Andreas Agazzi.  The late-day light warmly illuminates the facades of the west facing skyscrapers, capturing the most complementary light possible to feature the epic drama going on below.

Bisti Sundown – Derrick Birdsall creates a very interesting piece in this photograph, taking us out into the nether-regions of the desert where he shoots a scene with natural rock formations unlike any I have seen before.  The vibrant colors in the sky add to the alien feel of the landscape, making for a compelling image.

Burrowing Owlet – a young and energetic Burrowing Owl stares back intently at the lens in this character-filled frame captured by Hisham Atallah.  The terrific facial expression on the tiny owl adds so much spirit to the shot, leaving the viewer feeling as if they shared an intimate moment with one of nature’s tiniest winged creatures.

Central Avenue Bridge – this is a great monochromatic shot, featuring the terrific drama of a large bridge spanning over the Mississippi River.  Bob Israel’s application of black-and-white in this photograph does a perfect job of creating strong contrasts, accenting the highlights and shadows perfectly to deliver a strong sense of tension and interest in the frame.

The Falls II – Niagara Falls is world famous and is a destination for everyone, especially those looking to capture dramatic natural photography.  This rendition finds Bethany DiTecco in the golden hour at sunrise with the mist from the massive falls comprising much of the left part of the frame, and the river that feeds it to the right.

Sand Blasted II – Vancouver Island photographer Ehpem shares a terrific monochromatic black-and-white shot featuring the beachline of the west coast of Vancouver Island.  The dark contrasts work wonderfully to accent the raw drama found on this rugged coastline.

City at Night – Manhattan – a detailed and dramatic cityscape photograph by Krzysiek Rabiej taken using a long exposure technique turns the dynamic waters in the foreground of the frame into a silky smooth surface, highlighting the dramatic architecture of this epic city in the backdrop.  Krzysiek’s post-production of this shot works predominantly with one color hue that plays with the light and shadows in the picture to deliver a very compelling piece to view.

Disappears around the bend – Melinda Green Harvey pays a visit to Vancouver Island and comes away with a great shot of one of my favorite landmarks here on the island, Kinsol Trestle.  This trestle was recently saved and completely refurbished thanks to the support of the community, and today it stands tall and proud and serves those who make the trek to see this amazing piece of old construction.

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Does Size Matter? New Image Sensors Bring More Pixels, More Problems – advances in technology, like everything in life, always comes with tradeoffs.  This great article goes into extraordinary depth to delve into the question of megapixel count against image quality, and in doing so it arrives at several unexpected conclusions.

Dudley Hanks captures unseen world through camera lens – Dudley is what many would consider to be an impossible contributor to the world of photography inasmuch as he is blind.  Using sight, feel and intuition, he is able to create photographs that are truly amazing, especially when you consider the challenging circumstances he finds himself shooting within.  This is a very inspirational piece, well worth the time to visit and read.

3D northern lights captured by Japanese filmmaker – you have to admire the ingenuity of people with a passion for a project, in this case Ikuo Nakamura performs a feat that is believed to be the first of its kind.  Ikuo headed up to the frozen Northwest Territories where he setup two cameras about 5km apart from each other.  The blending of the two feeds has resulted in the first 3D rendering of the beautiful Aurora Borealis in the night sky.

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