Adobe Paying for Video to Train Generative AI


The question of where AI platforms are getting their training material is a hot topic today.

black dslr camera on green surface
Black dslr camera on green surface. Photo by Sirisvisual

After all, if you were a photographer or artist, you would want to know if you’re helping train something that could potentially put you out of work.

Well, Adobe put some of those questions to rest, at least as far as future capabilities might be concerned, as it has just offered creators $2.60 to $7.25 per minute of video to train its platform, PetaPixel reports.

Whether or not that is enticing enough is likely in the eye of the beholder but it is one of the more generous offers we’ve seen out there.

Bloomberg outlined how aggressive Adobe is getting with its artificial intelligence efforts as well as what the competitive landscape looks like.

Bloomberg wrote in its article that Adobe is “offering its network of photographers and artists $120 to submit videos of people engaged in everyday actions such as walking or expressing emotions including joy and anger, according to documents seen by Bloomberg. The goal is to source assets for artificial intelligence training.”

Given the range of prices for your video, it is safe to assume that Adobe has a few criteria in mind when it comes to what it is willing to pay for and how much. Of course, none of this even gets close to touching the whole ethical aspect of it which some creators might worry about.

Take yesterday’s article about an AI artist winning a music video competition, or the article we wrote not too long back about how AI-generated food was initially more appealing to consumers until they found out it was AI food. All of this is to say that it isn’t quite clear that AI is going to totally displace traditional means of creating media but rather may become a separate niche if the distinctions and sentiments remain strong enough.

Any thoughts that you might have on Adobe’s offer are welcome in the comments.

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