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With so much great work being published in the field of photography these days there is no lack of pictures to view and articles to read.  This curated list of links comes to us from Toad Hollow Photography and features some of the best tutorials, articles and photographs found recently online.  We really hope you enjoy checking these links out as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


7 Simple Tips for Improving Your Street Photography – this terrific article is a quick read, yet it is full of terrific real-world tips and tricks you can apply right away when capturing candid street photographs.  Federico Alegria also shares some sample shots along with his insights, giving the reader a deeper glimpse into the practice itself through visualization.


How To Choose Video Recording Formats – if your interests lie in video recording, this brief video tutorial will share some great tips and tricks to help you create the best quality work possible with the equipment you are using.  Compression and resolution are two key aspects covered in this presentation, along with sample footage to illustrate the results.

Emil Rashkovski on Capturing Enchanting Landscapes – this article is presented in a question-and-answer format, giving you some insights into how one of Bulgaria’s leading landscape artists composes and creates his work.  The photos included in the article showcase the ethereal and magical quality of his work and are well worth the time to view on their own.

3 Basic Editing Tips with Before and After Images – these basic tips may not be ground-breaking, but when taken in with the sample images that show you the before and after look they take on another meaning entirely.  The results from post-production are astounding, resulting in images that capture the eye in an instant.


How Light Field Photography Works – there’s been a lot of excitement in the photography world the last while regarding light field cameras that allow you to select your focus point in post-production.  To many this seems like a form of voodoo magic, but in truth it’s explainable in the field of physics.  This great video tutorial covers the concept clearly enough that most will be able to understand the core principles at work.


Orphans of time: Photographer captures the beauty of abandoned buildings – the amazing work of Rebecca Bathory is revealed in this 23 image collection of shots that features the interior spaces of places long forgotten and long abandoned.  Rebecca’s focus on both the wide views of these spaces as well as the vignettes that reveal smaller stories in details take advantage of natural light conditions to reveal a look into the inherent beauty of natural decay.

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Nico Nelson

Photographer Captures Magnificent Beauty of Radiant Winter Mornings in Belarus – stark white scenes of a frozen winterscape all come to life in this short collection of photographs taken in Belarus in the heart of winter.  In many of the shots, the colors in the sky find harmony against the crisp white landscape below, creating ethereal images that are truly amazing to view.

Unusual Friendship Between Wolf And Bear Documented By Finnish Photographer – the oddest pairings in nature can create the most compelling stories, as evidenced in this set of photographs that feature a strong friendship between a beautiful bear and it’s friend, a wolf.  These candid shots reveal a bond that is forming right before our eyes, showcasing the power of photography to capture and freeze special moments in time.

These Photos Won the 2015 National Geographic Kids Photo Contest – this set of photographs reflects recent contest winners who are the up-and-coming young generation of great artists.  It’s amazing to see this set which reveals the eye and compositional skills these soon-to-be-greats have.


Two Drop’s in the Distillery – The A Overholt & Co Distillery – Michael Criswell brings us along on an Urbex exploration by taking us deep inside a long abandoned distillery.  His usage of a wide-angle fisheye lens really brings all the textures and details to life in this cramped space, bringing the entire room to life even if just for the brief moment we visit it.

The natural power… – the raw power and fury of nature comes alive in this shot that features a violent roiling ocean as it crashes upon the shores.  Massimo Pistone composes this piece to include a seaside village in the frame in the backdrop, bringing an element of humanity into a scene full of drama.

Rohit Varma

Yosemite ~ Part One ~ Magic is Real | Part Two ~ Inspirationville | Part Three ~ Tuolumne Grove – A. D. Wheeler delivers a great new feature presentation in these posts, discussing a little of how he got to this point in his life and sharing a wonderful selection of photographs captured at this world-famous national park.  A. D. is a prolific photographer, and seeing this incredible natural space through his lens is a joy for all who love landscape photography.

C.H.U.R.C.H – the Church of The Good Shepherd in New Zealand comes to life on our screens in this terrific shot by Michael Cockerill.  A vibrant sky lingers overhead in this image, adding a great element to a picture that shares the inherent drama and beauty of this historic stone church sitting on the shores of Lake Tekapo.

Cowichan Mist – it’s truly hard to beat the ethereal and mystical feel that can be found when photographing landscapes enshrouded in a thick blanket of fog.  In this shot, local photographer Randy Hall visits the ocean near our home and comes away with a wonderful example of this genre of imagery, leaving the viewer yearning for more.

Little Owl – wonderful details in the face of this wonderful Little Owl are explored in this terrific portrait piece from Young Sung Bae.  The tight portrait showcases the great character and spirit these tiny birds have, creating an image sure to be enjoyed by wildlife enthusiasts.

Don’t Follow The Light – this terrific HDR photograph comes to us from the studios of Brad Truxell.  Brad utilizes an atypical technique in frame blending to achieve these results, producing a photograph full of rich textures, a wonderful vanishing point and tons of artistic tension.

Foggy – Simon Alexander captures a stunning shot of a bridge at night, enveloped by a thick covering of fog.  The bridge creates a perfect vanishing point in this shot, taking the viewer into the frame where we are left to wonder about all the unanswered questions that linger.

White Christmas – although the holiday season may be far behind us now, we can still enjoy a delightful photograph of a Snowy Owl perched in its natural habitat.  This image comes to us from Jay Taylor and features a terrific shallow depth-of-focus, making the beautiful subject pop right out of the frame, revealing details in both its physical magnificence along with a peek into its spirit and character.

Michael Guio

Snow Train – an old steam powered train makes its way across a snow-driven landscape in this great nostalgic piece by Hidetoshi Kikuchi.  The incredible snow storm that rages all around the locomotive adds a great frame for the classic train, creating a compelling shot.

Sunset Run – this terrific sunset photograph was taken on a beach in Tel Aviv, Israel, by Edith Levy.  The convergence of beautiful colors in the sky from the late day and the clouds that hang overhead coupled with the ghostly visage of runners on the sand creates a wonderful sense of artistic tension.

Magherclogher Beach – Marius Kastečkas captures a very dramatic shot in this photograph, featuring the skeleton of an old wooden boat lying prone under a blanket of stars on the side of the shore.  This picture exudes the concept of artistic tension, leaving us all wondering about the backstory of who owned it, and why it ended up here in this condition.

Dowler Grocery, Victoria, BC 2012 – although this shot was captured several years ago, the scene remains largely unchanged.  Don Denton’s great image of a long closed corner store in Victoria, BC, speaks to a larger issue of lost and forgotten buildings and facilities, sharing a little artistic tension in how times change and along with it some of our local landmarks.

La maison jaune – as the bitter hand of winter rages all around it, a beautiful yellow character home peeks out from behind the snow laden trees in this wonderful image from Andre Villeneuve.  The terrific splash of color against the stark white surroundings makes the house pop right out of the frame in this piece, instantly drawing the eye right into it.

The Palouse – Palouse, Washington – Len Saltiel shares a wide panoramic shot featuring the endless rolling hills of the Palouse region in the northwest section of the United States.  This large area covers three states and boasts incredible undulating hills that create strong abstract qualities for the photographer, making this a must-see location.

Magic light in Lofoten – a beautiful landscape scene presents itself in this photograph from Pierangelo Spedini that features the wonderful character of homes sitting on the side of the shore.  The homes are contrasted against the silky waters that surround them, perfectly captured and rendered here using a long exposure technique.

Duncan Elementary – local photographer Joseph de Lange shares a photo essay featuring one of our town’s most beautiful heritage buildings, the old Duncan Elementary school.  Joseph covers the school from multiple angles in this expose, revealing scenes that share the wonderful architectural details that make this place so special.

Teton and River in Black and White – Evan Gearing delivers a very classic feeling shot here, featuring the majestic landscapes of the Teton Mountain Range.  A thin layer of cloud lingers halfway up the rugged mountains, adding a perfect element of interest to the picture.

Thomas Leuthard

Rusted Abstracts – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares a pair of terrific images that show off the inherent beauty in natural weathering, in this case focusing on the effects of rust on metal over time.  Both shots were captured using a very tight composition, creating abstracts that are full of texture, color and details.

As time goes by – this terrific still life shot comes to us from the studio of Mostapha Merab Samii.  A set of old books lies on a shelf, accompanied by a bottle and a glass of wine, with the finishing touch of a pair of older looking spectacles to finish off the old-world feel.

Autumn in Abstract – Rachel Cohen uses a variety of techniques to create true abstracts based on natural elements.  Using these techniques, she has created a set of photographs that feature a wide range of colors and shapes, delivering terrific artistic renditions that are among some of the best out there.


A look into the personal life of photography mogul Peter Lik – Peter Lik is a highly controversial and polarizing figure in the world of fine art photography.  No matter whether you admire him or not, his life story is beyond fascinating as it reveals a behind-the-scenes look into what drives Peter in following his personal passion, and in doing so he makes a fantastic living.

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