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As usual, it has been another exciting week in the world of photography with photographers and writers working in the field creating great content to publish online.

Image by Aaron Burden

As always, we find Toad Hollow Photography searching all corners of the internet for links to the best tutorials, reviews, special features and great photography to share here with everyone.

We really hope you enjoy checking out these terrific sites and photos as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you!


Are (ALL) Your Camera’s Auto-Mode Settings Good For Your Photography? It’s Doubtful – this terrific set of tips and tricks comes to us from Jason Row right here on Light Stalking.  Jason covers a few automatic features of modern DSLR cameras that might better serve you if you apply manual settings instead, and Jason also includes a few sample shots to illustrate those points.


Mastering Your Flash 101 – High Speed Sync – this is one of the best articles I have read on the topic of high speed sync on a speedlight system.  Illustrations provide background insight into how and why the system works the way it does, and the articles covers all the pros and cons and also include a set of sample shots to show expected results.

Local Correction Tools – Lightroom – this brief tutorial covers some of the key tools in Lightroom and discusses the difference between local adjustments and global ones.  Good descriptions of the various processes give you a great idea of where to start with your own post-production workflow using these powerful tools.

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: How to Apply a 3D Anaglyph Effect – this is a lot to be learned in this very short video presentation that takes you through the process of creating a 3D Anaglyph.  The results are quite unique and for those interested, this primer is sure to get started down your own path of creation.


Two quick tips to overcome harsh daylight without lighting tools – shooting in harsh light conditions, typically in the middle of a sunny day, can be quite the challenge in terms of capturing a striking portrait.  This brief video tutorial accompanies a short article that gives us a couple of really useful tips to better manage these conditions.

How to Create and Compose a Great Landscape Photo – this is a great article that comes with some stunning landscape shots to help you visualize the topic being covered.  There are so many different ways to capture great landscape shots, and having a few tips and tricks like this is sure to help you create your own selective style that will achieve the look you desire.


Fluorescent Lighting: Westcott’s D5 System – Joe Farace reviews Westcott’s Two-Light Daylight D5 Softbox Kit along with his personal insights into using a system like this.  He also includes a terrific portrait sample shot to show you the results you can expect.

白士 李
白士 李

This Tiny, $45 LED Panel is the ‘Swiss Army Light’ You’ve Been Waiting For – while not intended to replace your key light setup, this incredible device is so small with so many potential applications, many of you will want to have at least one in your bag of tricks.  Several applications are covered in this article along with a handful of sample shots to start giving you some great ideas on how to apply it.


Behind-the-Scenes Look at Filming the Most Isolated Gaucho in Patagonia – you will not want to miss this jaw-dropping presentation from award winning Foster Visuals, taking us deep into one of the most isolated places in the world where we get to see and learn about the private live of a Guacho in Patagonia.  Incredible footage captured with a drone mixed with land-based video creates a stunning presentation that will leave you yearning for more.


DJI Drops Jaws with Seriously Powerful Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 Drones – with drones becoming increasingly popular in the photography realm, we find that DJI is an industry leader with innovations and products that help you create amazing imagery that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  This article covers some of the new offerings from DJI and includes video presentations that are truly jaw-dropping.


Trumpet of Revelation – lines and colors swirl amongst each other as nature presents a beautiful abstract in the famous Antelope Canyon.  Photographer Willie Huang comes away from his personal experience in this amazing location with a photo that exhibits features unlike any other, features that can only be designed and realized in nature itself.

Jay Huang
Jay Huang

Dentdale – cobblestone streets create a leading line into this wonderful frame from Barry Turner.  Old stone built homes line the streets in this quaint shot that instantly transports us to a delightful place in the heart the UK.

Dropping down – the team at Red Bull Photography is well known for their propensity to capture the impossible, featuring countless feats by fearless extreme athletes as they go about death-defying acts.  This shot showcases a group of half-crazy kayakers as they drop down the face of a raging waterfall, inducing a sense of amazement alongside a feeling of incredible vertigo.

Striking a Pose – the inherent beauty found in the power and inner strength of the Alaskan black bear comes to life in this wonderful photograph from Ron Niebrugge.  As this incredible bear stands on a rock surrounded by the beautiful natural surroundings it calls home to, it appears to strike a pose to show off.

Godafoss – the amazing landscape captured in this wonderful photograph by Fabio Antenore reveals a world not often seen by many.  This panoramic format provides a perfect medium to capture and express the intense drama and beauty of these world-famous waterfalls as storm clouds linger overhead against the backdrop of a colorful sky.

A Church With a View – Len Saltiel takes advantage of great framing in a composition by using a window that overlooks an inlet to guide the viewer through the picture.  The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks in the country of Montenegro was built in the early 1600’s and is a destination that must be seen by everyone who visits.

The BUTTERFLY Effect – this shot features an amazing study of lines and geometry as we enjoy a downward looking perspective of an amazing staircase.  Romina Kutlesa’s perfect composition creates a perfect natural leading line that guides us into the frame where a wonderful vanishing point is found as we search for the bottom of the stairs.


Anna Inlet IV – Ehpem shares a black-and-white shot from Moresby Island in the Gwaii Haanas, focusing on the almost abstract outlook created by the rolling hills of the region.  A thin veil of fog hangs in the distance, creating a distinctive west coast feel that showcases the natural beauty of the area.

NYC Sunset – warm hues are explored in this shot that captures the amazing New York City skyline as the sun begins to set.  Connor Surdi’s shot uses a composition we see fairly often of the city, yet brings a new fresh feel to it by how the incredible architecture is sharp and clear, highlighting the drama of the skyline.

Chasing Botticelli – Jim Nix shares a stunning architectural study that features a great vanishing point as you go through the frame taking in the classically designed building that houses pieces by some of the world’s masters.  The museum the Uffizi is a perfect subject at night for Jim as the crowds are abated and light dances around the details of the structure to create texture and depth.

Greg Clarke
Greg Clarke

In time – Max Starr captures an awesome shot of what I believe to be a Mayan pyramid, and by using a long exposure to grab this shot he creates a dynamic sky with moving clouds that adds a perfect touch of artistic tension.  Terrific details in the stones that are the foundation of the structure add a perfect finishing element to this photograph.

Old Sparky – Bob Lussier’s shot takes us deep inside the old mills of Lawrence where a prop used in a movie being shot on site features a shocking element.  This electrifying shot takes advantage of the textured interior of the old building to create a perfect host for the electric chair on display.

Surrealism – Tom Kualii shares a high contrast piece in this post, showcasing the merging of an active lava flow as it comes across ocean waters, creating an indelible and dramatic mist.  The nature of this shot takes on a surreal look and feel, almost as if it was captured on another planet entirely.

1925 Cable – Michael Criswell shares a new shot taken in the abandoned Larimer School in Pittsburgh PA, this time featuring a worn out piano.  The years of neglect and decay have most certainly taken their toll on this old instrument, and Michael’s awesome composition exposes a forgotten look at it, leaving us all yearning to know more about how and why it sits here now.

Hugh Llewelyn
Hugh Llewelyn

HDR of the city in Ghent – terrific details in a high dynamic range shot pop to life in this photograph captured and created by Christian März.  A joyous blue sky overhead adds to the feeling of happiness and peace as we explore old-world architecture and see people going about their day enjoying their surroundings.

Golden Rays of Light – fog creates a perfect natural light difuser, especially when captured in the early golden morning light.  Rachel Cohen’s pair of shots takes advantage of this natural phenomenon, showcasing the beautiful colors of this time of day as light beams stream through the mist.

fire city – Black Station captures and processes this city skyline shot using a cinematic series of steps, showing off the incredible architecture of this large city as a river snakes its way through.  The panoramic format of the frame adds to the sense of scale and context, creating a stunning picture sure to captivate the imagination of everyone who sees it.

Los Cuernos – jagged mountains reach for the skies as a dusting of snow sits upon the peaks adding to the overall beauty and the feeling of cold experienced by viewing this shot.  Trent Blomfield takes advantage of perfect natural light to accent and frame the natural drama of the setting.

Through the Fresnel Lens – Scott Wood creates a truly remarkable shot in this post, photographing the landscape of Westport, Washington through the lens of a light in a lighthouse.  This unique framing creates a distinctive feel in this shot, one that showcases the world we live in through a different lens.

Core – this shot features a straight-down perspective that adds a ton of drama to the composition, sharing great detail in the architecture of the city being studied from high overhead.  Snappedbycam completes this strong composition using cinematic techniques that add a perfect finishing touch.

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