“Photojournalist” Jacket from Canada Goose Costs As Much As a Camera


One of my least favorite things about this job is that I’m often reminded about how little cash I have and how many awesome things there are to purchase.

Photo by Photojournalist Jacket from Canada Goose.

But I’m questioning whether or not this item is worth it at all and, given my cohort, I’ll bet many photographers are having the exact same question.

You see, Canada Goose thinks a “Photojournalist Jacket” for $USD 850 is a good deal but I can’t help but think that most photojournalists would rather spend that kind of money on something else. What makes this story somewhat of a viral sensation among photographers is that the jacket was allegedly designed in collaboration with a photojournalist. A very rich photojournalist, it seems.

PetaPixel reports that Canada Goose has the following marketing language attached to the jacket: “Created in partnership with a photojournalist to stand up to the changing climates and situations they often find themselves in. This jacket is crafted from our Tri-Durance SS fabric to block harsh winds and rain. Reinforced shoulders and pockets add durability, while side seam zippers open up for range of motion and venting.”

Overall, the jacket looks useful. It’s your typical outdoor type of thing with all sorts of insulation, waterproofing, and pockets galore. None of this is why it is getting attention, however.

Reactions to this jacket online are probably some of the most lighthearted and hilarious I’ve seen in months from the photography community. And I agree with PetaPixel that this one is a particular gem.

David Hobby of Strobist writes, “If you buy this $850 jacket you won’t look like a photojournalist. (But your wallet will feel a lot more like a photojournalist’s wallet.)”

Too true.

What do you think? Does a $USD 850 jacket appeal to you? What would you rather spend your money on instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section beneath this article.

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And if you’re interested, you can check out the jacket here.


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Having worked as a photojournalist for a number of years- that jacket is ridiculous. A photojournalist wants to blend in, not stand out like a neon sign.

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