Beautifully Engineered: 26 Phenomenal Photos of Bridges


Bridges are fascinating things. Not only are they practical yet impressive feats of engineering, they are perfect photography subjects — curves, leading lines, vanishing points; they can be an integral component of landscape shots, or serve as a main subject for architectural photography. If you've been pondering doing some bridge photography, allow the incredible photos below to serve as inspiration.

The Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, United States
Photo by Giuseppe Milo
Forth Bridge Blues
Photo by Chris Combe

Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges
Photo by John Cunniff

Rotterdam: Erasmus Bridge
Photo by Roman Boed

a golden bridge across a golden river under a golden sky ( #Portugal #riverTagus #VilaFrancaXira)
Photo by Nelson L.

Photo by Prachanart Viriyaraks

Majestic Tara Bridge
Photo by Arno Hoyer

The two bridges
Photo by Frank Schulenburg

Bordeaux - Pont Chaban Delmas sur la Garonne - Photo Image Photography - Garonne Gironde Bridge
Photo by

Ships on the Bosphorus and the Bridge, Istanbul
Photo by Esin Üstün

Rainbow bridge
Photo by Luke Ma

Öresund bridge
Photo by Maria Eklind

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Photo by Nic Trott

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Photo by Nicki Mannix

Photo by Marcus Holland-Moritz

Bay Bridge, San Francisco
Photo by Luke Price

High Trestle Bridge
Photo by Carol VanHook

Photo by Giuseppe Milo

Mist-ical bridge
Photo by Mark Gunn

Story Bridge  (Explore)
Photo by Andrew Sutherlan

through the bridge
Photo by Tuncay Coşkun

Royal Border Bridge.
Photo by Jonathan Combe

The Bridge [Explored]
Photo by Frank Schulenburg

Photo by Mike Rolls

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