20 Inspirational Photos of Lakes


When it comes to landscape photography, finding a beautiful lake at sunset is almost doing it on cheat mode. Even so, doing an occasional roundup of photographs of lakes is one of those exercises for a photographer that can be very motivational and inspiring. These photos of lakes are some of the best I have seen recently and I thought that everyone might enjoy an eye-candy roundup just for fun.

If you want to emulate some of these lake shots, then I have included a resources roundup at the end of the post. But you should also get your basic landscape photography skills in shape as it is those skills that allow photographers to get images like these ones. For that we recommend you take a look at this landscape photography guide.

Frank Winkler
Simon Migaj
Photo by Bess-Hamiti
Photo by skeeze

Further Resources on Lake Photography

Photo by SplitShire
Photo by Gabriela Palai
Photo by Johannes Plenio
Photo by Carl Larson
Photo by Krivec Ales
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger
Photo by Matthew McElwaine
Photo by Tobi
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger
Photo by dima goroziya
Photo by Daniel Frank
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi
Photo by daffa rayhan zein
Photo by Yuliya
Photo by irem ışıklar
Photo by Schweiz

Creating Amazing Lake Photographs

The core skills involved with taking amazing photographs like these are the purview of the landscape photographer. The amazing thing about landscape photography is how quickly a beginner can improve by following a few simple guidelines. To cement this learning, Kent DuFault's excellent guide to landscape photography is a resource that you should certainly take a look at. It will take you through those simple guidelines, but also allow you to dive a lot deeper into the tactics and ideas that lead to images like the ones above.

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