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I'm about to make a very bold statement based purely on my experience derived from both looking at various photographs and hanging out with fellow photographers; An experience-grounded well-educated guess I can assure you.

Across every photographer's path, there's a high chance that monochrome might become a tempting decision to make. There is something poetic about seeing the world around us in a different frequency don't you think? But before diving into the rich waters of black-and-white imagery, one must first understand how light behaves in all its colourful nature.

Adjustments to tonal behaviour, with the clear intention of producing contrast, are better conducted via a channel approach. About this, the most basic piece of information you always need to consider is that warm tones are opposed to cool ones. When converted to monochrome, not just desaturated, every raw file offers tons of novel opportunities for achieving different results.

And there's nothing more pleasing than creativity used with a clear purpose in mind!

This week, we are delighted to present a fine selection of urban settings and venues while seen through the lenses of monochrome photography! Expect reflections, juxtaposition, perspective, lines/angles, location and urban decay!

Photo of the Week

It was a Dark and Stormy Night, The power went out so the candles came out.

Copyright – Patrick

As opposed to selfies, self-portraits are something else. They require inventiveness, a clear purpose and some amount of self-awareness as well. Therefore, not everyone manages to work as their own models in an effective way, congrats Patrick, thanks for sharing such a nice self-portrait!

Weekly Photography Challenge Digest

A fine topic indeed for reflecting upon life, thanks Tersha and Dahlia for pushing us forward!

Wonderful reflections from a spiced-up sky!

Copyright – Michael

One of the most appealing things of this image is, perhaps, the two groups being instantly built within the scene thanks to the rule of odds! It has a great story and development too.

Copyright – ElinL

Accurate words from Pat: “Strong lines and makes me want to know what's beyond the frame”.

Copyright – Tersha

Thanks, Patrick for spotting the clock in this scene and getting us thinking for sure! ūü§Į

Copyright – Pat Garrett

Soothing tonal range, it reminds me of the first negative rolls I ever had the chance of printing in a darkroom!

Copyright – Wendy P

“Chicago‚Äôs Fulton-Randolph market district, 1967”

Copyright – Click

Wonderful street portrait!

Copyright – Frogdaily

It's good to hear back from you mate! Thanks for sharing your shots, from around town.

Copyright – Robert Apple

“Urban rubbish”

Copyright – Davidc

In one word, I would describe these frames as “cinematic”; thanks for sharing “a few vibes from Dallas”!

Copyright – Marty E
Copyright – Marty E

“I frequent this park and this was the only time I saw this person (or anyone) painting. It is a famous local lighthouse overlooking the city across the harbor. I loved seeing a ‘senior' out, creating and active”.

Copyright – Pat Garrett

A nice complement for the stalled clock from above!

Copyright – Holly K

We said there would be juxtapositions, didn't we?

Copyright – Charmaine Joubert

“Urban demise”

Copyright – Pat Garrett

For more urban black and white photographs, visit the 679th challenger thread.

What You Shouldn't Be Missing from the Light Stalking Community

Have you ever heard of “Rollermarks”? Thanks, Elin for illustrating us on this matter after Marty's question. Also, thanks Marty for sharing such a delightful set of images via a link to the “The Nature Photography Contest 2023 winners and finalists“. This type of contribution helps us all be in the know about contests and similar stuff!

Also, what are your thoughts on Nature photobombing our shots? Follow the link for information on this matter, and also to know more about “sundogs”.

Copyright – Marty E
Copyright – Marty E

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