25 Great Shots That Use Roads and Paths to Enhance the Composition


Landscape photography is very subjective, but most will agree that, to some form or another, following the rule of thirds will help achieve a great looking photo.  One way to do this is incorporating roads and paths into your frame that will enhance the overall composition of the photograph.  We've already showed you how to utilize the S-Curve in photography and many of these examples show you just how it's done.

Breaking up the frame with properly placed lines from roads, paths and trails can really help bring your photograph to the next level.

Highway Insomnia

Photo by Nrbelex

Be Glad You're Not an Amish Horse

Photo by cindy47452

Route 66

Photo by Chuck “Caveman” Coker

Carr Bridge - the old bridge  - Scotland

Photo by conner395

Rainy day...

Photo by Kat…

Photo by Pörrö

Road man

Photo by Shahram Sharif

False Creek Transit

Photo by ecstaticist

Sunset road

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

Coll de la Taixeta

Photo by Aitor Escauriaza

Markham Bridge

Photo by Auraelius


Photo by telmo32

Amtrak train approaches Jack London Square station, Oakland, December 31, 2005

Photo by /\/\ichael Patric|{


Photo by caese

Road to heaven

Photo by fd

PATHway to New Jersey

Photo by Tony the Misfit

Japanese Garden, Butchart Gardens.Victoria, B.C.

Photo by **Mary**

29.365 - Fence

Photo by Gilmoth

making tracks

Photo by jenny downing

Melbourne at Night

Photo by geoftheref

The winding road

Photo by Amy V. Miller

The Path.....

Photo by rogilde – roberto la forgia

Wet Tracks

Photo by Thomas Hawk

2007.06.02 Dancing Road / ??? S?? Taipei (PS)

Photo by MaxChu

Photo by Jack Anstey

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