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As fall begins to settle in Toad Hollow Photography searches high and low online to find the very best links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This week's list features some fabulous pieces as posted by some of the truly talented photographers that the Toad encountered during this week's adventures.  We really hope you enjoy reading these posts and seeing some of these awesome images as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

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A Detailed Guide to Photographing Fall Foliage – the term detailed doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible depth this article goes into in terms of sharing tips and tricks for great fall photography.  A large series of incredible photographs illustrates all the points mentioned, making for a complete and authoritative online guide to this type of image creation.

Quick Photo Tip: Be An Observer Of Your Surroundings – once again Joe Baraban shares some insight into capturing one of those “OMG” photos that we all strive for.  Sometimes the simplest lessons contain the biggest rewards, and this article discusses this facet of photography.  One of the best parts of this post is Joe’s incredible imagery that he shares to illustrate his point.


Iceland by Michael Schlegel – epic and dramatic landscape shots are presented in this post that features the black-and-white photography of Michael Schlegel.  Iceland is a very unique place and these incredible photographs shares some of the vistas that have given it this reputation.  Michael’s incredible compositions share a sense of scale in some of these shots, and removes it in others.  Definitely a collection you won’t want to miss in this week’s links list!

The Ranch at Grass Valley: The Bunk House – Mother Nature is a wonderful artist who uses her skills with time and decay to create the most incredible creations that can only be made by her.  Bob Lussier finds an old bunk house in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, and comes away with two stunning photographs.  These shots both tell a complete story when viewed together, a story that is made so much better by the rich details and textures that he has captured.

Matterhorn reflection – I could rave about this photograph for hours, there are so many wonderful elements and details at work here combining to create a very stunning picture.  Matej Lovíšek grabs a very special shot of this iconic mountain that finds the very tip of it bathed in rich and vibrant light, making it almost appear as if the top is on fire.  All the elements come together and are punctuated here by the truly incredible reflection in the still waters in the foreground.

Inspiration For Bonsai – the power of silhouettes and the ability to control scale are explored in this great shot by Aaron Barlow.  Perhaps slightly simplistic in composition, this picture is no less powerful because of it.  Aaron photographs a rock with a tree on it that defies proper description and is something you just have to see yourself to appreciate.

The Midi Arete – in cloud – this is an almost surreal scene taken on a snowy peak looking at a group of climbers patiently waiting for the cloud to disperse.  The tail end of that group begins to disappear into the dramatic cloud creating a picture here that is sure to amaze everyone who visits.  LensScaper (Andy Hooker) also shares some details about this incredible part of the world and the enthusiasts who try to ascend and descend these majestic mountains.

Foggy Morning in Paris – a freezing cold Paris morning reveals an incredible scene of the Eiffel tower enshrouded in a scarf of fog.  Metro DC Photography captures and creates a sepia toned picture from this scene that is completely sympathetic to the setting and conditions.  The image finds a further wonderful layer of interest in the person making their way in the distance across the square, creating strong tension.

Petit Pier – a wonderful pier leads the viewer through the frame in this great shot from the studio of Jim Denham.  Lovely colors in the sky as the sun rises are accented here by the natural leading line of the pier, and all the intricate details that comprise the overall scene.  This is a beautiful landscape shot that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

More Natural HDR – as my good friend and local photographer goes about learning how to process HDR imagery we all get to benefit from his observations and also get to enjoy the end result of his work.  This post features a small series of really great shots, post-processed using two different methods rendering different results.

Away from Iceland for the Summer – Trey Ratcliff does it again with this incredible shot of what appears to be a very weathered shack or outbuilding in Iceland.  His trademark style brings all the rich details and textures of the scene to life for all to enjoy, making for a picture that is sure to engage the viewer as you spend time taking it all in.

Coastal Ballet: Barnacles at Work – we get the benefit of an educational experience as well as a great photograph to illustrate the point that Laurie MacBride is making.  I’ll never look at a barnacle the same after this, that’s for sure!

Two Weeks in Irresistable Ireland – Part 3, The Ring of Kerry – join Lee Brown as he brings us along to experience the beauty of the small towns and rural settings in Ireland.  The rolling green hills, lovely architecture and interesting animals and plants are all photographed and shared here in this great post.

Finisterrae (I) – Jorge Cacharrón delivers a truly breathtaking piece in this photograph.  A farm sits atop a hill that overlooks the ocean, and hanging over top of it is the most amazing sky you’ve ever seen.  The wonderful colors make it appear in some spots the the sky itself is on fire.  This is an absolutely captivating and dramatic piece.

A Moments Peace – Andy Gimino creates a fabulous long exposure piece here that showcases a really incredible foam swirl from a running waterfall.  The natural beauty of the area is accented here by all the wonderful details that make this area such a cornucopia for outdoor photography.

Three's A Crowd – an uninhabited hotel room in the ghost town of Bodie is captured and shared in this post by Raymond Jabola.  The artifacts that are on display add to the strong sense of a bygone time this photo delivers to the viewer.  This picture is full of rich textures and details, sure to be enjoyed by all.
Elisabett by daAlex, on Flickr

Belfort – old European architecture is captured and reflected back in the still waters of the canal that sits next to it.  Andrea Barsacchi does a great job with this image to portray a scene that is captivating, complete with incredible details to take in and enjoy.

Rusky Mist (3) – an early morning Scottish mist sits on a loch, creating a dramatic setting for a pair of rowboats.  In the backdrop the vibrant colors that light the scene on fire are created by the low sun on the horizon.  This is a great HDR image that finds an extra layer of interest in the crisp reflection of the boat.

Downtown Sydney – the beautiful cityscape of Sydney in Australia beckons to Trey Ratcliff and his talents.  As he makes his way to a vantage point across from the city, the lights of the metropolis dot the scene, accenting all the rich and vibrant colors.

Rhodes Greece – the ever-fascinating ancient architecture of Greece peeks out from the landscape in this shot that overlooks the city.  Dimitris Koskinas does a fabulous job in capturing this shot that also finds benefit from the boiling clouds that are gently lit in the sky above.

Staircase – shapes, lines and geometry converge in this really beguiling photograph from the studio of Roland Shainidze.  This black-and-white photo of the staircase in the Royal Ontario Museum is a difficult composition to achieve, and Roland does a great job of creating something that is sure to grab the imagination of all.

2012 Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup – Part II – this is the second part to a post we featured in last week’s list that showcases this really incredible annual event.  Dakota Visions Photography does a great job in capturing this short series of photos that shares all the excitement and drama from this years event.

Burning Rocks – naturally formed rock arches capture the sunlight underneath, reflecting back to the viewer a sense of fire and urgency.  This phenomenon is perfectly captured and shared in this picture from The Katalyst.  This shot contains some wonderful details and elements that are sure to be enjoyed by all.

call of the eagle – the level of detail, and thus the inherent interest, that we find in the eagle in this photograph from Sonja Probst is pretty astonishing.  Sonja also captures all the rich colors and tones in this scene, all coming together to benefit from the very shallow depth of focus.

Long Shadows – exquisite drama is pulled out of this scene captured in Central Park by Rick at Hansrico Photography.  Rick uses a high key approach to processing this shot, creating a scene expressed as he envisioned it.

We Walk Alone – ahh, the intrigue of a mysterious vanishing point!  Curt Fleenor grabs a shot of a wooden walkway that creates the perfect natural leading line for the viewer, bringing you through the frame and right into the forest that is off in the distance.

Changing Weather – the gorgeous city skyline of Minneapolis rises to the sky, peppering the horizon with the beautiful lights of the buildings.  Bob Israel does a marvelous job in capturing the contrast found between modern architecture and a dramatic sky overhead.

Trolley Yard Rust – every single detail available, every bit of texture, is captured and accented here by Mark Neal who processes this shot using HDR.  The richness of the details are so crisp in this photo, you swear you almost need a tetanus shot after viewing it.

City Market – all the wonderful architectural details are emphasized in this great piece from the studio of Mike Criswell.  The rich warm tones found in the scene intrinsically help to cast a certain feel over the image, one that is sure to be enjoyed by all who view.

Downtown Baby – this is a highly dramatic architectural study of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Fargo.  Robert Berry delivers a strong image in this post, accented here by the dramatic sky that hangs over the hotel.

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris – la suite (Les “Vendredi” avec Anne-Laure) – we enjoy a fabulous stroll through this incredible museum, taking in some of the very interesting artifacts on display, in this post from Mathias Lucas.  Mathias’ incredible work in this field really delivers an incredible collection of photos in this post.

Rose in Orange tone – an extremely beautiful rose opens, revealing incredible colors that can only be found in nature.  Cristobal Garciaferro does a fabulous job in isolating the subject from the backdrop, creating a gorgeous image that makes the flower appear to float in the frame.

Valley of Fire Dawn – a lovely desert sunrise is captured and shared here by Adam Allegro.  Gorgeous colors in the sky delicately paint the landscape in rich, warm tones, and Adam’s photo shares a scene that can only be seen at this time of day.

Maroon Bells – the vivid colors of autumn reveal themselves against an incredible mountain backdrop in this photograph by Martynas Milkevičius.  A wonderful reflection casts the scene as a mirror-image of itself in the still waters in the foreground, adding a lot of depth to the image.

Fog from Hawk Hill – some of my favorite images are those of the Golden Gate Bridge enveloped in fog.  There is something very romantic and dramatic in these scenes that juxtapose the incredible and vibrantly colored architecture of the bridge against the beauty of the surroundings.  Alan Chan delivers a fabulous example of this with the image posted here.

Blue Beach by Jyrki Salmi, on Flickr

Golden Gate on the Rocks – an entirely different and unique vantage point delivers a completely different image from the one posted above.  Matt Granz finds a new perspective and thus new composition of the bridge by exploring the area, and comes away with an extremely dramatic image of this iconic bridge.

Looking East along the A27 towards Arundel at night – light trails create natural leading lines to carry the viewer through the frame in this great shot by Barry Turner.  As the lights make their way around a circle and out through the top of the frame, they create a fabulous vanishing point that adds a layer of great interest to the scene.

Rusky Mist – as a wooden boat sits tied near the shore in a body of water that sits so still, Karl Williams is there and ready to capture the scene.  A gentle fog in the background is gently illuminated by the soft natural light, and it also serves to add a touch of drama to this wonderful scene.

Streaking Clouds – the visible motion in the dramatic clouds in the sky contrast against the crisp, perfect details of the cities architecture in this great shot from Bob Israel.  The warm tones inherent in this picture make for a comfortable image to view, and all the great details in the buildings keep the viewer engaged.

Cow Racing ( VietNam ) – I love car racing, boat racing, plane racing, motorcycle racing, you name it!…  never seen a cow race before, though!  This is a great photograph of just that, shot in VietNam by Tan Tannobi.  This is a fabulous picture that freezes the motion allowing the viewer to really get right into the excitement and emotion unfolding naturally here at the track.

Untitled Photo – an almost magical scene is presented here by Chus Nartallo.  A really wonderful grove of trees surrounds a path on either side, and the natural way the trees have grown and covered the pathway creates a compelling picture, complete with a vanishing point as the path leads on in a never ending ribbon.

Football Friend – Chris Nitz captures a great and expressive shot of beautiful dog sitting with him watching the football game.  One of the best parts about pets is how they don’t care what you’re doing, as long as you are doing it with them.  This heartwarming photograph truly embodies this concept.

Fall On The River – a beautiful landscape scene of a gentle cascading water feature over a small rock formation creates the perfect photography subject for Jerry Denham.  Several fabulous elements all converge in this shot to give it the character it naturally has, including a great reflection from the pool of water feeding the cascade as well as some really wonderful autumn colors emerging from the leaves changing.

Golden Golf Course Sunset – a beautiful sunset drapes the golf course in warm natural light as Keith Cuddeback captures a shot of the scene.  Gorgeous tones in the sky and the greens work together in this shot which has an added bonus of some really great shadows and light in the right part of the frame as the viewer spends time taking the picture in.

First Snow at Cherry Creek Reservoir – Rick from Hansrico Photography captures this early morning scene that shares a view of dichotomy at work.  The fresh snow that gently carpets the scenery is accented by the color that remains on the trees, signalling that winter is coming and that it is near.  This is a very beautiful scene sure to be enjoyed by all who view it.

Temple Bar cityscape – the rich character and interest that can be found in the historic city center of Dublin is shared in this wonderful photograph from Jim Nix.  Jim’s style of HDR photography is perfectly suited for these sorts of subjects, bringing out all the incredible details and textures that a scene like this holds.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary – this is a great shot that just goes to show how powerful a tool composition can be for a photographer.  Mike Victorino captures a shot of a winding footpath that leads off into a delectable vanishing point, and with his careful composition here he creates a complete picture that exudes the vision he is trying to share.

Prison Stares – you’re going to want to put on leather gloves before clicking this link to avoid needing a tetanus shot.  Talk about texture!  Scott Frederick takes us deep inside an abandoned penitentiary where he grabs a photograph of a very old and weathered staircase and the cells the split it on either side.  You just have to see this one to believe it.

Shrooms – a fabulous detailed shot is displayed in this post from Steve Beal.  A rare mushroom is composed just perfecting here, and Steve’s use of a very shallow depth of focus does a top notch job of isolating the mushroom from it’s background.

A river runs through it… – great photography can convey a thought or a story in a glance.  In some cases great photography can be elevated to a whole new level with the addition of great prose and profound insight, and this post from Sherry Galey really does a great job of embodying this notion.  Sherry shoots a beautiful local river and posts it along with great anecdotal information, combining all elements to create a truly compelling piece.

Please Bus Your Tray When Finished – a dark and moody piece taken inside an abandoned room somewhere in NYC.  Mark Garbowski takes us deep inside this building to see a scene of extreme decay.  Dark corners bring in some extra drama completing this profound image.

Humming Along – this is great on many levels.  Jay Taylor grabs a shot that exhibits several key technical elements to this type of photography; controlled shallow depth of focus, perfect shutter speed, great composition and an interesting and colorful backdrop.  This photograph captures a fast moving hummingbird with it’s body perfectly in focus to bring out details, yet it’s wings are clearly in motion.
Untitled by hiha+, on Flickr

USCGC Eagle – tall ships are the epitome of romance on the open seas.  Jimi Jones captures a HDR image of this great Coast Guard tall ship that presents great natural lines throughout the frame from the mast, rigging and gorgeous flowing lines of the hull.

Sunday, Peaceful Sunday – another lovely photograph from the studio of Heather Neil that shares a wonderful landscape scene of a grove of autumn trees in color.  This is a beautiful scene that does indeed embody the spirit of peace.

Mill Illumination – when I first saw this image I had the exact same thoughts that Steven Perlmutter shares with this great photograph taken inside the Stone Mill.  Steven discusses how the natural light streaming through the open door bounced off the finished wood wall panels, bringing a strong sense of drama and intrigue to the scene.

All The Things We Love – several intricate layers come together in this great photograph from the studio of Andy Gimino.  A beautiful Vermont forest is Andy’s pallette and this post features a great tree limb that presents some lovely autumn leaves changing color.  Great natural leading lines and layers pique the viewer into engaging this natural abstract.

Framed Creation – every aspect of this image is fantastic, from the perfect and delicately out-of-focus backdrop to the beautiful flower in a lovely vase.  Gareth Glynn Ash creates a truly stunning picture in this photograph, one that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone who views it.

“Pink” Petal Power – Howard Jackman delivers a fabulous series of photographs using his special technique that focuses on the intricate beauty of flowers.  This is a detailed study that delivers great macro images of several types of flowers.  This post contains a large collection and will engage the viewer as they linger over each picture enjoying newfound details.

Another Morning Sunrise – gorgeous natural colors in the sky are the main subject material in this post that features a wonderful collection of sunrise images.  Jay&Jacy Photography delivers a small feature of these shots that perfectly expresses the many different faces a sunrise can take on.

Fall in Muskoka – nothing compares to the rich autumn pallette that the turning leaves can deliver, and Edith Levy does a great job with this photograph in capturing this.  She does this over a lake that is decorated with a vibrant forest and has the added element of a boat making it’s way across the frame for a touch of natural tension.

San Diego Skyline – this is a true must-see photograph, straight from the studio of Edin Chavez.  Edin gets into the cold water to compose this shot that takes the viewer through the frame with a pier that lands right in the city skyline.  Wonderful details and lighting are captured, producing tones that add a great element.

The road back – great vanishing points produce elements of interest in photography and this shot from Caroline Ivarsson really delivers on this concept.  This image takes the viewer down a dirt road that is flanked by trees that disappears in the distance into the dense fog.  Very dramatic and profound.

Autumn Fogs – some of the most incredible natural colors that can be found are displayed in this shot by Evgeni Dinev.  The rolling hills covered in trees full of rich autumn colors literally pop out of the screen at the viewer with this piece.

Rusty old truck in Toronto – this is a fabulous shot straight from the studio of Jim Nix.  As the title suggest, a great old rusty truck is the main subject for this vibrant photograph, and Jim does a great job here of exposing all the textures and details.

Better Days – a long neglected farm house casts the perfect pose for the photography talents of CJ Schmit.  This dramatic scene shares the juxtaposition of a decrepit building against its natural surroundings.

What’s In A Name? – I think I might be able to answer this question.  This classic hot rod is featured in this post by Perry Bailey who focuses our attention on the great old Corvette Stingray badge and the distinctive tail light setup.  A great reflection in the bumper adds a huge element of interest to this study, making for a shot sure to be enjoyed by all.

Balloon Frost – incredible tension is naturally expressed in this shot that features a hot air balloon making its way over the mountain range that is dusted with fresh and beautiful snow.  Knate Myers creates a mesmerizing piece with this photograph, sure to enthrall and engage.

FogCity – appearing to be of another planet, the tall tops of city skyscrapers peek out above the thick dramatic clouds.  MO AOUN delivers a shot here that has an added layer of interest found in the rich and vibrant colors that make up the sky.

Bald Eagle – this is an absolutely amazing photograph, make no mistake about it!  Conrad Tan captures a close-up photograph of the majestic Bald Eagle who appears to be shouting at the camera.  The incredible details in the face and feathers of the bird make this one of those astonishing pictures you just won’t soon forget.

Changes of Season – the leaves are changing colors, the shadows are getting longer, fall is most definitely here now.  Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck shares a set of photographs in this post that epitomize the feeling of fall with vibrant colors and a rich and dynamic landscape.

The Twilight Zone – an abandoned building in Iceland finds itself painted in some truly dramatic lighting as the aurora borealis blankets the sky above it in this shot from Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson.  This picture is definitely one of those “oh wow” shots that you can instantly tell Þorsteinn has put a lot of work into composing and processing to share the vision he was after.


Lighthouses Around the World – we just love lighthouses here, too, there is something romantic and nostalgic about them, especially as they become a rarer and rarer find in the modern digital world we live in.  This post features a great collection of many different types and locations of lighthouses.

SC12 – Primeras fotos – @astaroth here on Light Stalking has just posted a new feature that showcases an ongoing event.  These fabulous candid shots of the festivities underway really help to paint a picture for the viewer of what it would be like to be there.  All the photographs posted are top drawer and could easily stand on their own merits, but when compiled into the set shared here they become something more.

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You are very deserving of that, Ehpem, it’s all my pleasure there to be honest! Thanks for popping by and leaving us your comments here, that is always appreciated!

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