Same Energy Search Engine Uses Artificial Intelligence to Find Photos with Similar Styles


A huge opportunity for future growth and innovation where the relatively staid search engine is concerned is one that relies upon imagery and video to find other similar media. 

Photo by EVG Culture from Pexels.

To be sure, Google has their own effort with their images platform, a search function that even allows photographers and other media creators to monetize their work.

But there are some others in the game, one of them being a search tool called Same Energy which uses your submitted image to find other, aesthetically similar images on the web, DPReview reports. You can also use the traditional keyword route if you prefer that. Either way, Same Energy uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to refine its results and learn how to generate better results over time. 

“We believe that image search should be visual, using only a minimum of words. And we believe it should integrate a rich visual understanding, capturing the artistic style and overall mood of an image, not just the objects in it,” Jacob Jackson, creator of Same Energy, explains. 

Currently, about 19 million images are indexed by the service and, like Google and Bing, search results display the creator’s relevant information. 

The search engine is currently in beta but you can try it out yourself at this link right here. 

Do you use Google Image search? Do you think you would be interested in trying out Same Energy search engine? What do you think the future of search with regards to film and video will be? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments below. 

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