Samsung’s Concept for Rollable Screens Could Change Everything from Smartphones to Televisions and Beyond


The next wave that is going to transform everything will be bendable and foldable screens. Samsung has made this much very clear with their attempt and upcoming second attempt at the Galaxy Fold smartphone as well as copycats coming out from competitors.

Image via Samsung.

Now Samsung is prophesying about a future where displays can be rolled up like a scroll and, we have to admit, that would be quite a hat trick. It would also pretty much change the world of electronics forever.

What are we talking about exactly? Samsung recently filed a patent for a “cylindrical object from which a flexible display can be pulled and then retract into” according to CNet. This mirrors LG’s OLED TV concept that does something similar. What’s more is that the patent envisions this kind of display being used for a range of technologies including but not limited to smartphones and television displays.

So, when can we expect this kind of thing to come to the market? Well, the patent filing is from 2017 which means it isn’t coming out any time soon – or is it?

It’s hard to tell since the Galaxy Fold is just around the corner. Perhaps Samsung wants to see if this kind of technology will take off before it announces bolder initiatives. Either way, we think the idea of a rollable display is pretty awesome. It would have a lot of practical uses outside of just being really cool. For one thing, it might allow for larger screens on laptops and tablets, for starters. That would really help the eye strain for some of us out here.

What do you think? Is a rollable display a cool idea or ultimately difficult to implement? Do you think the resolution would be inferior? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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