Share Content via QR Code? Instagram Starts Using Novel Method


Instagram is starting to emphasize an interesting feature in its sharing settings that, once again, has the power to transform the platform into much more than a social media space.

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Instagram app icon. Photo by Brett Jordan

Sharing content via QR code is nothing new, but incorporating something like that into Instagram is. Basically, how it works is that, when you generate something on Instagram, you can then select to have a QR code of that content created. This QR code will link back to that specific content as well as any tags – both verbal and via geotagging – that are attached to the picture.

The major vision for this kind of feature is that individuals and companies can create content tailored for marketing campaigns and “cut through the noise” of the account’s other content by directing the user straight to whatever the account is trying to showcase. This will also be part of a searchable database or “searchable map experience” according to TechCrunch that will be used to highlight participating accounts and content.

Adding this kind of thing is simple: Users just tap on the ellipsis (…) and select QR code to generate that for the content selected. Doing this on the web is even easier as users only need to add slash qr to the end of the URL for the content to do the same. As of press, TechCrunch notes that it isn’t currently clear whether this will be ruled out worldwide but we expect it will be.

From specific content to product introductions, concerts, and much more, using this kind of specific system to share content makes Instagram just another, albeit very innovative, space to reach consumers with all kinds of novel approaches. Given Instagram’s constant chase of its rivals, we expect the platform will introduce even more features just like this in the near future.

What do you think of sharing content via QR codes on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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