Shutterfly Sells BorrowLenses to Lensrentals


The world of lens rentals just got a little bit smaller as Lensrentals itself literally got bigger with its acquisition of rival service, BorrowLenses.

person holding camera lens
Person holding camera lens. Photo by Zachary Keimig

BorrowLenses has quite a long history, stretching back some 16 years since its founding in a San Francisco apartment room and acquired by Shutterfly in 2013. And it looks like things will be switching over to Lensrentals quite soon as BorrowLenses announced on their website that current rentals and other ongoing business will largely be wrapped up by March 10th after which Lensrentals will be taking over.

CEO of Lensrentals Tyler Beckman said of the acquisition in a press release:

“As a big group of employee-owners, via our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, I think I speak for all employees when I say: we're collectively delighted and genuinely grateful to strengthen the Lensrentals family with the addition of the BorrowLenses brand, alongside whom we've served customers for nearly two decades, while pushing each other to excel. The acquisition will enable us to extend our high-quality rental and production experience to a growing customer base that demands the highest-quality technical equipment a creative needs to produce movies, video and audio, and photographic content, without the up-front expenses associated with buying gear outright and continued maintenance.”

A niche largely built around making high-end equipment accessible to photographers of all incomes and professional backgrounds, firms like BorrowLenses certainly serve an important and some would argue growing segment of the photography population – especially as prices for everything are going up across the board. Most people can’t afford to own the latest and greatest, but they can probably rent it.

Have you used BorrowLenses or Lensrentals? Let us know your thoughts on the service in the comments.

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