Skylum Luminar Neo AI Released to the Public


Skylum’s new Luminar Neo was released to the public and it’s got the photography press singing its praises.

Photo by Luminar NEO from Skylum.

It’s a pretty simple concept to understand. Luminar Neo uses artificial intelligence Skylum developed specifically for the purpose of editing photos and letting the AI do all the work.

Here are some of the highlighted features:

Relight (AI): Creates a 3D map of your 2D image and lets you adjust things like lighting in the image.

Portrait Background Removal (AI): As it says, this features edits out the background using Mask(AI), Luminar Neo’s object detector.

Dust Removal (AI) removes blemishes from the photo.

And that’s just a few of the major features. There’s sky replacement, object removal, creative editing options, and integration with a mobile app. For photographers that are looking for an AI editing solution, Luminar Neo definitely covers all of the major bases.

In terms of purchase options, Luminar Neo gives consumers more than a few choices. There’s the annual subscription option, at $USD 59 and $USD 118 for the Luminar Neo, Luminar X Membership, and Soulful Panorama package; for consumers that want to purchase it outright, the first option is $USD 79 and the second is $USD 138.

AI is a pretty big trend in photography and there’s little doubt it can do some amazing things. Nonetheless, there are a lot of questions surrounding this kind of technology, the least of which is whether it strips out some of the art in taking the editing out of the photographer’s hands. We’re talking about background replacements and things like that in a kind of “ship of Theseus” argument.

Are you interested in the Skylum Luminar Neo AI editor? Let us know your thoughts on Skylum’s latest product in the comments below.

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