Slight Change to Photoshop’s “Save As” Function Causes Workflow Chaos for Many


We’ve all had this happen to us at least once in our lives: We use a piece of software regularly and develop an optimized workflow around it only for that to be shattered by one tiny, seemingly arbitrary change introduced via a software update in the future.

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Some Adobe Photoshop users are waking up to just such a reality according to multiple reports on the web and complaints all over social media. And we have to admit, this is a somewhat baffling and pretty big change for people that work with a lot of media for various channels.

It seems that Adobe has changed the “Save As” function on Photoshop to exclude file formats that do not support all of the elements of your image. Instead, the “Save As” file selection dropdown menu is limited to supported file types. For people who work with media on the web, this is an immediate kink in the production run as you very often work with graphics that need to be exported to JPEG and quickly at that.

Luckily for everyone, and somewhat annoyingly since this is how it always goes, there is a workaround via the “Save A Copy” function (thanks to FStoppers for this insight). For those of us that rely upon shortcuts using the keyboard, you might want to change your defaults in that regard to “Save As Copy” for SHIFT + CTRL + S in your Keyboard Shortcuts. Otherwise, get used to using SHIFT + CTRL + S from here on out.

What do you think of the latest update and the change it brings to the “Save As” function in Photoshop? Let us know your thoughts on Photoshop’s May 2021 release in the comments below.

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