Snapchat Partners with AllRecipes to Serve Up Recipes Based on What Your Camera Sees


We brought you word of Snap’s new feature where you can search the world around you through your smartphone camera.

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And now your Snap app might be able to tell you how to make that awesome dish you just saw on the Internet or had in real life with a partnership with AllRecipes that utilizes the smartphone camera search feature to connect you with your favorite cuisine.

If it sounds a little out there, it’s because it is – for now. As far as Snap and its rivals are concerned, however, search via this method could mean big bucks in the future so might as well get started now.

Billed “Food Scan,” the tweet introducing the feature couldn’t outline a simpler process. Just open up your Snapchat app, point your camera at the food in question, scan it, and then start looking through the suggested recipes.

We see where Snap and AllRecipes are going with this idea and it is pretty interesting, particularly when you consider how many people take pictures of their food (despite loads of memes mocking this practice).

Beyond that, though, this could really be useful for people who are true gastronomes as it, in theory, will be able to seamlessly connect the dish one is eating with both demonstrated preparation and the opportunity to look up ingredients that can be purchased.

Other versions of this same idea that we’ve discussed with you in the past include one that Google rolled out to make exploring the natural world a lot easier. You can read that article here.

What do you think of Snapchat’s scanning function? How much of a part of our daily lives do you think such things will be in the future? Let us know your thoughts on search via camera and Snapchat’s latest feature in the comments below.

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