Sony Spins Off Camera Business Into New Company


We told you yesterday that activist investor Daniel Loeb was scooping up Sony’s stock on the cheap in the hopes of finally pressuring it to spin off its camera business.

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And it looks like the company has done just that. Way more quickly than we expected, too.

A press release from the company reads in part, “Through the establishment of Sony Electronics Corporation, Sony will not only accelerate the integrated operation of the EP&S businesses, but also aim to optimize its organizational structure, talent and business portfolio, while further enhancing competitiveness and creating new business.”

As we reported, this has been a goal of Loeb’s for some time and one that the company initially resisted. It was reported that Loeb was hoping the company would spin off its profitable divisions into new entities so that funds raised through such an action could be turned back towards Sony’s profitable entertainment division. That’s the part of the company that makes the vaunted PlayStation consoles, a dominant force in this generation’s cycle and one that is expected to be a major play in the next generation coming up this year.

In terms of how this will impact Sony’s overall camera strategy but that is certainly going to be one of the big stories over the coming year and beyond.

What do you think of Sony’s decision to spin off its imaging business? Smart move or one that the company will come to regret in the future? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below if you like.

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