Special Edition Taylor Swift Instax Fetches Eye-Popping Amount at Auction


It’s hard to deny the power of fandom.

girl taking a picture using instant camera
Girl taking a picture using instant camera. Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Taylor Swift can do no wrong in her fans’ eyes and they’re willing to plop down real money to show her their collective adoration. And if this success is any indication, maybe camera manufacturers need to slap more celebrity endorsements on their frames because the value-add for the original purchasers of special-edition Fujifilm Instax SQ6 cameras is pretty darn enormous, PetaPixel reports.

Initially retailing for $USD 150, the special-edition camera is fetching $USD 500 and up on the popular Internet auction website eBay. One camera sold for $USD 1800. By any stretch, that’s a pretty healthy return.

Aside from Taylor Swift’s branding, does anything make these Fujifilm Instax SQ6’s special? Not really, although that’s not what’s determining the value here. As for that matter, like with anything on the auction block, the value of the item really ties into its condition with perfect items fetching the highest prices. Those would include the box, all contents (including a signed Instax portrait of the singer), and probably unopened, among other criteria.

As for why all of this is coming about now, it might have something to do with the singer’s latest album, released yesterday, “Speak Now,” which is itself a re-release of earlier work. As we hinted at earlier in the article, this really does underscore how powerful celebrity endorsement can be. When you consider how difficult it is for manufacturers of lower-end consumer cameras to make a dent, it might be something we see with other manufacturers in the future. Regardless of that, it does give us some insight into why these companies chase after these luminaries in the first place because, here we are, talking about a camera from 2018.

Any thoughts on the power of celebrities to move cameras? Let us know in the comments.

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