23 Images Demonstrating Powerful Spiral Compositions


When you start to dive deep into the art of composition in photography you will invariably come across a concept known as the Fibonacci spiral or golden spiral.  it's a well-known compositional technique based on the work of an Italian mathematician from the Middle Ages who picked up on a mathematical sequence that seems to be emulated in the human concept of Beauty as well as many natural phenomena. Luckily for photographers, it can also be applied to creating beautiful and balanced compositions.

If you see a few examples of the Fibonacci spiral you will see how photographers emulate it to guide viewers’ eyes along the elements of a spiral. This can lead to some quite beautiful results.

We've put together a series of 23 powerful images demonstrating the golden spiral that you can use as inspiration for your own shooting.

If you'd like to take your own composition skills to a new level, then one of the fastest ways to do that is by getting yourself a good guide specifically on the concept of composition and photography one such guide is Kent DeFault’s Advanced Guide to Composition. You can find it here.

spiral staircase
Photo by Yana Marudova
orange and pink spirals
Photo by Shubham Dhage
blue spiral and sky
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel
spiral stairway
Photo by Dan Freeman
red spiral
Photo by Sina Katirachi
Photo by Dan Schiumarini
pale blue spiral
Photo by Maxim Berg
black and white spiral floor
Photo by Chris Linnett
colorful brush
Photo by Mitul Grover
spiral dark background
Photo by Visax

As mentioned above if these spiral compositions are floating your boat then you can dig into photographic composition a lot further with KentDuFault’s guide to advanced composition. He goes through all of the major composition techniques used by serious photographers and dives very deep. You can get it here.

rope spiral
Photo by Henry Perks
sky and spiral
Photo by Steven Lu
star trails
Photo by Josep Castells
inside the tower
Photo by Tuesday Temptation
round window
Photo by Rehan Syed
woman sitting on the edge of spiral stairway
Photo by Alexandr Bormotin
windows spiral path
Photo by Kelvyn Ornette
staircase yellow banisters
Photo by Chuck Holt
sunset three people spiral stairs
Photo by Chris Barbalis
spiral in nature
Photo by Timothy Dykes
spiral stairs dark garden
Photo by Tarun Ottur
spiral window
Photo by Chris Linnett

Hopefully, these gorgeous spiral photographs have given you some inspiration to start creating your own powerful compositions with your camera.  To take things even further you should check out Kent’s guide to advanced composition here

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