New February Photo Competition: Spirit of the Earth


We're extremely excited to announce that we're starting a monthly photography competition here at Light Stalking. To kick things off we decided to go with the theme of “Spirit of the Earth.” This is a great opportunity for all photographers to showcase their own work and share their vision of what makes our planet unique.

The first prize in the monthly competition is a cash prize of $250 for the grand prize winner via PayPal which is a great opportunity to get a  financial reward for your vision.

Additionally, by getting into this competition, you will become part of Light Stalking's excellent community.  We are famous for our friendly community of photographers and members and as a place where photographers come together to share their journey, help each other's growth, participate in photography challenges, and engage in constructive critiques.

Photo by Michael
Early entry to “Spirit of the Earth” by Michael

In terms of the judging, the competition is designed to reward both technical and artistic flair for the main Award, as well as sheer popularity with a separate award for “People's Choice” which is determined strictly by community voting. This dual approach gives you the chance to approach to the theme as you see fit.

One of our core beliefs is that the creativity of photographers should take center stage and should not be boxed in by strict interpretations of our theme. Your interpretation of “Spirit of the Earth” is just as valid as ours so we are expecting entries including everything from abstract to literal.

Early entry to “Spirit of the Earth” by WendyP

By entering the competition you also gain access to a huge amount of Light Stalking resources including our famous photography blueprints, our photography drills, and other extensive learning materials designed to bring you up to speed with your skills at a speed you are comfortable with. All of our material is designed for practical learning in the field while you're shooting.


Hopefully, this gives you the impetus to push yourself and your own boundaries and join a friendly community of like-minded photographers with the chance of receiving financial recognition for your efforts.  by participating your work will have the chance to be featured on one of the top photography blogs in the world that has received accolades from huge organizations and publications around the world. 

Join Here

So we invite you to join us in this fun new adventure. Let's explore the spirit of the earth together and see what you can come up with.

Join the competition and take your next step to capture the Spirit of the Earth and a beautiful planet.

Good luck and happy shooting.

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