Street Photographer Assaulted for Taking Picture of Notting Hill Carnival Couple


Life is not easy for street photographers and this story just illustrates how tough it can be.

Kaique Rocha from Pexels.

One street photographer taking pictures at the Notting Hill Carnival found himself on the receiving end of a barrage of senseless violence and all because he dared to capture a couple hugging in a public place.

Math Roberts was assaulted during the conclusion of the Notting Hill Carnival on August 26 at about 10:30 PM according to PetaPixel which also states that he was bloodied and his camera destroyed.

As he recounts to The Phoblographer, “It [happened] about 500 yards from the hotel I was staying in. I took a photo of a couple embracing each other on some doorsteps. Naturally, as a street photographer wanting to capture the moment undisturbed, I didn’t ask their permission. He punched me a few times until he knocked me to the floor (I’m only skinny!) and then grabbed my camera and smashed it on the floor (this was the most painful bit!). I apologized several times and offered to delete the photo, which I always do if someone is unhappy. But that didn’t really help at all on this occasion.”

Since his camera was insured, he didn’t report the incident and tells The Phoblographer he found the whole thing embarrassing. And it hasn’t made him want to give up street photography so there’s that at least. The incident really does highlight how precarious the whole thing can be when you are working with strangers in candid moments.

What do you think? Is street photography dangerous by definition or is there some way you can mitigate the situation if things get ugly? Let us know your thoughts and stories in the comments below.

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In the UK the provisions of the European General Data Protection laws require permission if people being photographed can be identified.

I was in Brooklyn shooting some street action. I noticed a guy circling me trying to stay out of line of sight. I wasn’t even taking photos of him when he suddenly came up beside me and gave me a little shove! Accused me of following him and taking his photo…I paused, then looked him in the eye and told him I did not take his photo and not to Fuk with me…he clearly was not all there mentally but backed down after I stood up to him!

Be safe and aware of what is happening around you, not just for the sake of a photo but for your own safety…

Keep on shooting!

For the guy to get that upset I’m thinking that one or both of them were probably doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing, as in having an affair etc… Bad luck for that photographer, but I think shooting people in that kind of situation with their permission is kinda like Russian roulette, this time he got the bullit.

Street photography has become so popularized that people are beginning to realize that they cannot go anywhere without having random pictures snapped of them doing whatever they’re doing… and they don’t like it.

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