37 Photos Of Sunsets To Inspire You


While some photography curmudgeons regard them as a bit of a cliche, we love them and let's face it – most people with a pulse love sunset photography. The colours, the moods and the power of composition all come together in an evocative way to produce strong images.

And secretly, sunset photography is about my favourite genre to shoot myself too.

So with that, I wanted to put together a short collection of some of the better sunset photos that I have seen lately. If you'd like to get into shooting photographs like these, then I would strong suggest you take a look at our landscape photography page for ideas for gear, composition and light.

And if you're ready, some shots like these would make extremely popular submissions to our monthly photography competition and you might even pick up $250 for your efforts! You can enter that here.

pink sunset
Photo by Marcus Laanistro
dark sunset
Photo by Ali Rahman
red sunset
Photo by Thomas Fryatt
dramatic red clouds sunset
Photo by Mark Harpur
soft colors blue hour
Photo by Humaan Haasan
sunset through the trees
Photo by Michael Schofield
purple and pink late sunset
Photo by Freezy Dreaming
pastel colors beach
Photo by Ali Abdul Rahman
blue skies soft colors
Photo by Quino Al
red and pink late sunset
Photo by Jason Blackeye
dark skies
Photo by Spencer Watson
yellow soft light nature
Photo by Sergey Pesterev
dark skies orange clouds
Photo by Imleedh Ali
long exposure silhouette
Photo by Bobby Johnson
blue pink dramatic sky
Photo by Jaime Serrano
muted tones skies
Photo by Tj Kolesnik
dark blue hour
Photo by Gaston Abascal
man and woman sunset
Photo by Ibraheem Fareed
dark purple sunset
Photo by Eurico Craveiro

The Light Stalking Monthly Photography Contest gives you the chance to submit your own inspiring images and win $250. We would love to see what you have! So don't be shy. Come and join us!

golden tones beach
Photo by Jessica Wong
pink purple sky
Photo by Ales Krivec
golden blue skies
Photo by Erica Tessmann
blue and yellow
Photo by Jason Leung
pink tones sky
Photo by Kym MacKinnon
beach tealights
Photo by Yohann Lc
palms silhouettes
Photo by Ruben Gutierrez
pink purple ocean
Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
rainbow colors skies
Photo by Simon Berger
pink soft skies
Photo by Sebastien Gabriel
pink blue pastel skies
Photo by Edgar
orange sun sunset
Photo by Ali Abdul Rahman
pale colors
Photo by AM
city sunset
Photo by Piotr Chrobot
mountain sunset
Photo by Piotr Sapegin
golden rays
Photo by Thomas Kinto
blue hour beach
Photo by Lewis Roberts
mountain pink skies
Photo by Diego Ph

And what is not to love about those amazing sunset photos, right? As mentioned above, if you are inspired to start taking some shots like these, then we would love to see them in our monthly photography competition where you can win $250. Enter here and we will see you on the other side.

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