Survey Reveals Nearly a Quarter of Photographers Considering Career Change


This year is going down in the books as a pretty tough one for a lot of jobs out there.

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels.

The economic difficulties brought on by the global pandemic have had far-reaching consequences for many professions, and some people wonder what the future holds for event-based work like wedding photographers.

Well, it looks like a lot of photographers are doing some soul searching themselves. Not an easy job in the best of economic conditions, a recent survey revealed that no fewer than 20% of respondents, professional photographers, were considering a career change.

Conducted by Currys PC World and Canon, the survey found that some of the largest losses of income for photographers during the pandemic were wedding and newborn photography as well as other event-centered functions.

Amateur Photographer highlights that, among Instagram’s most popular hashtags, #travelphotography beats most of them with #foodphotography and #portraitphotography following closely behind. As the 2020 pandemic devastated travel and the restaurant industry, it’s no shock that photographers in these niches are facing tough times.

Looking forward, the report said that, “DSLRs continue to be widely used by professionals, thanks to its a wider range of lenses and an optical viewfinder that offers clarity and lag-free viewing. Developments in photography technology are now focusing on improved video quality (6k and 8k resolution), better AI functionality, and advanced immersive 3D photography.”

You can read the full thing here for yourself.

What do you think of the survey’s findings? Do you work professionally as a photographer? What has 2020 been like for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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