5 Good Habits For Better Film Photos

In today’s age, everyone shoots digital.  Film photography has mainly been relegated to being a small niche.  With the exception of those shooting large format photography, most professional photographers have made the transition to digital photography. There are, however, people still shooting film.  These range from absolute beginner to professional.  By “professional”, I mean people […]

How To Get The Film Look With A Digital Camera With No Post Processing Or Presets

Film look is something that is loved by most viewers mostly because we think film is what shaped the photography field long before digital came into the industry. Since digital cameras are easily available, affordable and are cost effective compared to film, most photographers are looking for a way to make digital photographs look like film. We will therefore look at how to get the “film look” with a digital camera with no post processing or presets involved.

How To Make Money From Mediocre Photos

There was a time in history when you could make a comfortable living from even average photography. I’m not talking about the masterpieces or the National Geographic quality stuff. I mean average, mediocre photos. Not those iconic photographs of the Beatles for example, nor some photo-journalistic pieces like the “Napalm Girl” by Nick Ut. I’m […]