Take Your Smartphone Videos to the Next Level with This New Motorized Camera Slider for iPhone


One way to stand out on social media? Awesome production quality.

One way to get those amazing shots, wild and crazy angles, or an epic time lapse? Get creative with your shooting!

Now, that's not always easy, but this little piece of gear is specifically designed to help photographers take full advantage of the powerful features locked within their smartphone.

ROV via Rhino Camera Gear Kickstarter.

As smartphones become more powerful so too increases their ability to capture truly dynamic, cinematic photos and videos. Companies specializing in equipment for this purpose have met a healthy, almost insatiable, market.

It’s under this premise that Rhino Camera Gear has introduced its new camera slider developed specifically for the Apple iPhone – meet the ROV, built to “capture beautiful cinematic video and time-lapse with your iPhone, Android, GoPro, DSLR or Mirrorless camera.”

As FStoppers points out, there are currently “200 times” more smartphone cameras on the market than there are SLR cameras, making the market for gadgets geared towards smartphone photographers and videographers a natural expansion of Rhino Camera Gear's existing line of peripherals designed for more traditional camera equipment.

ROV is a motorized slider that works with both iPhones and DSLR cameras. While Rhino has sold accessories for traditional camera products for quite some time, the ROV is their first iPhone product. The ROV works with all iPhones but works particularly well with the iPhone 6 model.

There are two different variants of the accessory – the ROV and ROV Pro, designed for smaller DSLR and mirrorless cameras, along with two options for length, an eight inch or 16 inch model. Rhino Camera expects to begin delivering the product starting in April 2018. The Kickstarter campaign to build the device has raised almost twice its goal of $50,000, showing healthy interest in the peripheral.

Rhino Camera Gear says that an Android version of the motorized slider is on the way.

Control over the device is through a mobile app called the ROV Motion App for mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras. The Rhino Storytelling App, available on the Apple App Store, gives the user the same functionality on the iPhone smartphone device. The Rhino Storytelling App also gives users video editing functionality that does not require a Rhino device to use, an added bonus for videographers that want to upload their work on location to websites like YouTube or Facebook. The Rhino Storytelling App allows users to “add clips to your story and start editing. Rearrange clips in the vertical editor or trim them to your liking. Open the advanced controls to change speed and exposure. Add your favorite music track and save to your camera roll when you’re ready to share with your friends.”

ROV via Rhino Camera Gear Kickstarter.
ROV via Rhino Camera Gear Kickstarter.
ROV via Rhino Camera Gear Kickstarter.
ROV via Rhino Camera Gear Kickstarter.

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