Text-to-Image AI Art Generator Feature Comes to TikTok


Text-to-image art generators are sort of becoming all the rage right now.

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Tablet and smartphone on homescreen with app icons visible. Photo by SCREEN POST

So it makes perfect sense that someone in the social media space would take a look at this phenomenon and try to incorporate it in some kind of way.

And while we would have placed money on Instagram seeing as how often the platform adds new features, we’re not shocked to report that it is actually TikTok adding this to their app in what can only be taken as a sign of the times given that popular perception right now paints that app as the one to beat for the company once known as Facebook’s crown jewel.

Naturally, the feature comes in the guise of a filter called “AI Greenscreen.”

As reported by The Verge, TikTok’s version of text-to-image AI art is decidedly less detailed than DALL-E but, in some ways, a little bit more artistic. Pointing out that such technology requires vast computing power to work, The Verge tells us that these limitations show up in the output generated but the style of the output itself has a kind of abstract charm that some may prefer to a more heavy-handed artistic iteration of the text.

We’ve already discussed how much of a gamechanger AI art is for everything from product photography to media and, while the output generated isn’t that complex, what is noteworthy is how fast this kind of thing is becoming mainstream. With that will come more advancements and refinements that will open up even more sophisticated avenues to regular users.

What are your thoughts on text-to-image AI art generators like DALL-E? Let us know in the comments.

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