The Future of the Shutter Button? Canon Developing “Shutter Touchpad”


It looks like Canon is looking towards the future when it comes to how photographers use their devices and they’ve found a vision of it in a feature that might remind you of smartphones.

A report released today indicates that Canon is developing a so-called “Shutter Touchpad.” Obviously, this would replace the shutter button we know and love but things are going to go a little beyond just that.

Canon News cites a patent filing in Japan the describes a contextual device that does way more than just act as a shutter button. As PetaPixel elaborates, this means that the “Shutter Touchpad’s” core functions will depend on how you are using the camera. This could also accommodate actions such as swipes and things of that nature.

While this sounds quite interesting, people already have strong feelings about it. As expected, traditionalists are wary of replacing such an integral part of the camera with something like this. Some people are even asking what the point of this innovation is in the first place since there aren’t many complaints out there about the shutter button. Change for the sake of change is rarely popular but we’ll wait and see until Canon shows off some real world product.

One thing is certain, traditional cameras are having a harder time reclaiming sales momentum not only because of the rise of smartphones but also the economic impacts of COVID-19 this year. Perhaps this change isn’t aimed at the stalwarts, but more targeted towards those users reared on smartphones but that might need something more capable.

What do you think of Canon’s “Shutter Touchpad” concept? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below if you like.

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