The Leica Q2 Has An Unreadable RAW File Issue


When you spend some $USD 5k on a camera, you hope that it can save RAW files at a minimum.

Q2 from Leica.

If it can’t do that, you’ve got some issues and that’s the issue facing owners with the Leica Q2 who are finding that some of their camera’s RAW files are unreadable which can be absolutely devastating news depending on when you discovered the issue.

A photographer from Iowa, Josh Byers, told PetaPixel that, “I was shooting an event and in the middle changed my drive mode on my Leica Q2 to ‘continuous super speed…When I went to import them, all the images not shot in this mode imported fine. All the images shot in that mode gave an error. …I tried to import in Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, Adobe DNG Converter and all did the same thing. They recognized the first images but did not recognize the ones shot in this ‘continuous super speed mode.’ I’m stuck now not being able to process images from the event.”

Interestingly, the files can be viewed in Macintosh’s Preview software.

For those that might not know, Continuous Super Speed captures photos a 20 frames per second using the electronic shutter.

And Byers isn’t the only person that had the issue. He found on a forum that many other users had faced the same thing as he did when trying to import RAW files shot in Continuous Super Speed. Also, Leica seems to know about the issue, telling Byers, “So far I have received word from Leica Germany that they are aware of this particular issue and will be correcting it when a firmware update is released,…Of course, that will only prevent it from happening in the future. They haven’t yet answered the question of what can be done about lost files.“

Leica suggested some software that Byers could use while the company works on a firmware fix.

Do you own a Leica Q2? Have you faced this issue? Let us know your story in the comments below.

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