This Augmented Reality Photo Studio App Brings AR to Smartphones


What if you could have models on call for any scene you wanted to shoot? And best of all, what if you didn't have to pay them? That seems to be one of the ideas behind the wildly conceptual Augmented Reality Photo Studio App.

Augmented reality is coming to the world of consumer photography and the impact it could have on the future of the art is potentially tremendous.

A new app called Augmented Reality Photo Studio App brings virtual objects into real-time pictures, allowing for fantastical results in photography. For those of you who have not experience augmented reality yet, it is similar to virtual reality but does not require a headset and often transposes objects onto the lens viewing area. So it’s virtual and it is not – think Pokemon Go if you want a truly ubiquitous example.

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That game puts 3D pokemon creatures in real-world environments for players to discover as they walk around with their smartphones. A veritable phenomenon upon its release back in the day, the app’s popularity has waned somewhat but the promise of AR-based technology has only grown since its debut.

The Augmented Reality Photo Studio App allows you to place models in a scene. The demonstration video has a photographer cycling through a roster of bikini-clad models to place in a desert landscape, for example. But don’t worry – the app also has male models to choose from as well.

DIY Photography notes that you can even select what outfit you want the model to wear as well as the color of the outfit. Another note the article makes is that some of the outfits are a bit revealing.

Created by LA-based Superba AR, the app costs $10 and is available for iOS and Android.

You can view the demo video for the Augmented Reality Photo Studio App by clicking here.

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