This Frame Transforms Your iPhone Captures Into Holograms


This is probably the first article about a picture frame in the news section you’ll see on this website, but trust us, it’s a cool one.

Photo by tom balabaud from Pexels.

The Looking Glass Portrait, a 3D hologram frame for your iPhone photos, is the next iteration in a successful Kickstarter project that initially launched The Looking Glass. That product, one specifically designed for 3D creators, is a specialized display that shows objects in real-time 3D.

The Portrait is being billed as a more consumer-friendly version of that technology, PetaPixel reports.

How does the device work? Through super stereoscopic technology that results in output in 3D without glasses. Super stereoscopic technology utilizes a binocular effect to simulate three dimensions when viewed by the human eye. The illusion of depth is what gives images their perceived shape and form.

So far it is only compatible with iPhones. On that note, compatibility stretches back to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Kickstarter page offers a brief explanation of how The Portrait uses your iPhone to make holographic images:

“The easiest way to make a hologram is to take a Portrait mode photo with your phone.

Believe it or not, those Portrait mode photos you've been taking have depth information hidden behind them. This is normally used to generate bokeh effect, and now the software that comes with every Looking Glass Portrait can use that same depth info to generate a three-dimensional hologram with a single click.”

As far as pricing is concerned, a pledge of $USD 199 will get you one The Portrait while a pledge of $USD 999 gets you the “Holographic Capture Bundle.” Looking Glass is promising a March 2021 ship date for the product and there is some reason to trust them on that front as they successfully launched The Looking Glass. You can read up on The Portrait here on Kickstarter.

What are your thoughts on this concept? Would you like to own a 3D hologram picture frame? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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